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Oct 24, 2011 12:49 PM

Pig & Fiddle Review

My husband and I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Pig and Fiddle, the gastro-pub younger sibling of the Muddy Pig. We were very excited to see it open and impulse changed our plans to stop in for dinner last Friday.
The place is obviously still in the new phase. They have been open about a week and even still have their new smell. Their tap list is impressive, with 36 beers on tap. Most of them were old favorites, though, so we had to hunt for something new to try. Also, some of their menu was wrong despite only being a week in.
For the first course, we ordered the Ploughman’s Plate, their version of the cheese/pickle/meat plate that you can find at most beer-foodie joints. It was sadly disappointing. The cheese they chose was extremely mild-even the blue. The pickles were good, but the meat again hit a disappointing note.
On to the main course. I tried to order the perogies, but they were out. My husband had the beef stew, which was the best dish we were served all night. Our friend ordered the rabbit, which was fine but tough. I ended up with the Sole Solyanka, which was icredibly bland.
Despite all our experience, we decided to go for dessert. Maybe we had the influence of the beer already in us. There was an oatmeal stout pudding on the menu that looked interested, so we ordered one. My husband and I are big beer drinkers. Of the 36 taps, I have tried 32 of them. So I like to think I know what beer tastes like.
The pudding was atrocious. It was burned. It was soupy, with thick burned chunks floating in it. We told our (very gracious) server that we found the pudding burned. He took it back, but later told us it WASN’T burned, that was just the beer. The beer was a Summit Oatmeal stout, which is certainly a chewy, thick beer. But it doesn’t taste like it has been scraped off the bottom of a pot.
All in all, the Pig and Fiddle has been a huge disappointment. I will probably go back once they have been given some time to settle in, but I won’t be rushing to go back any time soon.

Muddy Pig
162 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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  1. I hate to say it, but the fact that it's the younger sibling of the Muddy Pig doesn't raise my hopes for it in terms of food.... that place is all about the beer for me-- not the food, not the service, both of which I've found to be indifferent at best.

    Muddy Pig
    162 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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      Couldn't agree more; the Pig is a fine destination for beer, but I wouldn't recommend showing up hungry, as there are few things on the menu I've been impressed with.

    2. i think the fiddlepig has an interesting idea; food from beer centers like czech belgian etc.

      1. I went there Christmas Day. They have the best french fries I have ever tried.