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Oct 24, 2011 12:44 PM

uses for lavendar sugar?

My experiment for sugar from my home-grown lavendar is a success, but I'm short on creativity at the moment. Have a great recipe for lavendar shortbread, but good as it is, cannot live by shortbread alone (altho' what a way to go!). Other ideas?

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  1. I've made lavender-lemon pound cake. It's one of my husband's favorite cakes.

    1. I like the poundcake idea... had it, love it. How about a lavendar panna cotta? Ice cream?

      1. Use it to make lemonade! (depending on strength, may need to cut it with another sweetener.)

        1. Lavender likes blueberries - to my taste, anyway. And if you do sugar in tea, it's nice in good black tea. You could also turn it into simple syrup and add it to cocktails. Blitz it really fine and make meringues?

          1. I once had delicious marcona almonds coated in lavendar sugar. Awesome with nibbles before a meal, or with a cheese plate.