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Oct 24, 2011 11:26 AM

Which Jerusalem hotel (neighborhood) for easy walks to the best food?

Brief business trip to Jerusalem (no hardship). I have a few weeks to plan. I go to Jerusalem mostly for the food. I have heard that there are other reasons why people go to Jerusalem, but I don't believe it.

Seriously, I'd rather not spend a fortune on a hotel room. But I will gladly spend on fabulous food. And I want every bite to be sublime. Where you you stay for access, preferably for easy walks, to the most wonderful food?

I thought maybe Little House in Baka?

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  1. Little House in Baka sounds like a good option. Isn't there another Little House closer to Emek Refaim?

    1. We've been repeatedly happy at the Colony Suites They have 2 locations near Emek Refaim/Rachel Imenu.
      Check out Ha' Moshava 54 on Emek Refaim. Menu is in order of price. Also a repeat destination.

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        Are those HaMoshava 54's current prices? It sounds quite reasonable and interesting. I moved not far from Emek Refaim before Pesach, and with a limited budget, can check out the restaurants there only very occasionally. So far 2 out of 4 have been misses, so I appreciate recommendations.

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          It's been about a year since I was last at HaMoshava 54, so you should check the prices with the restaurant to see if the website is still accurate. The least expensive dishes on the menu are tapas/meze size, perfect if you need a very light dinner or if you are going to share dishes with friends (or perfect kid size portions).

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          There seems to be a consensus around Emek Refaim.

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            I would also consider staying somewhere near Shuk Machane Yehuda if you really want to be near all of the good cheap eats. Have you ever tried the Indian place, Ichikdana? I dream about this hole in the wall :) Or that Buchara place that serves great soup, that I can't remember the name of right now near the Iraqi shuk where the men play shach all day? There are some comfortable small hotels off Ben Yehuda that may also be an option.

        3. I should put in a plug for Ruth Barkai, with whom I've stayed several times. This is actually a B-and-no-B. Ruth is a wonderful landlady, super-friendly and helpful, and though she's not observant herself she's used to dealing with observant guests and knows all about our peculiar needs. Her details can be found here: For a stunning view of the street, see http://www.jerusalembedandbreakfast.c... ; Ruti's place is the last house on the left, at the far end of the street.

          1. Adina- I hope you dont mind me asking, but I am so curious (and more than a little jealous)- what field do you work in that brings you to all these fantastic eating cities- i need to find something comparable??!?!?!?!?!?!?

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              What type of cuisine do you like? Similar to Moshava 54 - I also like Roza ( It is reasonably priced and excellent food.

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                i have never met a cuisine I didn not like (Well, maybe Marmite

                I seek wonderful food, and interesting food experiences. In Jerusalem, everything from fruit, to bakeries, exotic cuisines, creative chefs, and on to aperitifs.

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                An lot of people have jobs that involve this kind of travel; I like to view it an an opportunity, although it would be just as easy to view it as a burden because it certainly has downsides.

                Chowhoud makes it more pleasant because I can get advice on restaurants worth eating in and have something to look forward to. Even if reality means that I may get to the city, but not to the restaurant. One of the more minor downsides of business travel is that I talk a good game about restaurants, but often survive by eating a packet of tuna form my suitcase and a bunch of bananas in my hotel room late at night.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  I highly recommend HaChatzer. I believe it is near Emek Refaim.

              3. So, subsequent communications clarify the arrangements. Staying at Mishkenot Sha’ananim!!!!

                I am beyond thrilled!!!!

                I appreciate all of the suggestions for great chow. I don't get to Jerusalem nearly often enough. And. as I said, I mostly go for the food.

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                  How wonderful! You are not too far from the Mamilla Hotel. We found the food at Roof Top to be very good.