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Oct 24, 2011 11:22 AM

Hibachi Buffet, NNJ?

I've seen these pop up from time to time in other states. Usual buffet suspects, plus a counter where you assemble raw materials that are then cooked up fresh by some feller usually in a chef getup.

There appears to be a chain, based in the South I believe, Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, that has been at the forefront of opening these types of places. There's one near a relative of me in PA, and they're thinking of opening another. They allegedly also opened somewhere in SNJ, near 295.

I remember one from a few years ago in North Bergen in that same shopping center with the multiplex straight off the 495; being NJ, it had a decent selection of items popular with Latinos.

Any hints about these coming to the North?

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  1. There's a sign in the old Fire and Ice store in the Palisades Mall (sort of on the ny/nj border) indciating a new place called "Hibachi Factory" is going in. I've tried to find out more about it, but there's nothing other then a restaurant with the same name in TN. This could be a buffet, just can't confirm.

    1. Sounds like a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant that you are looking for.