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Oct 24, 2011 10:45 AM

Savannah dinner besides Pink House - need help desperately...

We will be visiting Charleston & Savannah. Charleston picks were easy (Cru, Hank's) and Olde Pink House in Savannah seems obvious too BUT we have a 2nd night in Savannah and I am really struggling. We will be in the Historic District and would prefer something we can walk to (willing to walk 30-40 min). Most of the recommendations I have seen either seem very fancy/similar to Pink House (Elizabeth's, Vic's, Alligator Soul), or look like pubs (Crystal, Moon River, B.Matthews). We are from Toronto so we are used to lots of options of casual, reasonably priced, small, chef-run, locavore places. I guess we are hoping for the equivalent but with seafood/southern food rather than our own ethnic places. Not a chain, not a steakhouse, not a burger joint, not something we can get better at home (molecular gastronomy, 7 course tasting menus, Italian, Asian, etc). Does such a place not exist, or am I mistaking the ambiance of the places mentioned above?

The Olde Pink House
Savannah, GA, Savannah, GA

Alligator Soul
114 Barnard St Ste Lowr, Savannah, GA 31401

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  1. I think you'd like Garibaldi Cafe. Not super upscale, but not a pub either.

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      thanks very much, that looks perfect on the website - will try it and report back!

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        FYI, Garibaldi's and the Pink House are run by the same people.
        B Matthews isn't really a pub- I've only been once but had a very good dinner there. It's a reasonably priced, small chef-run place.
        Local 11ten is also really good.

    2. I eat at E's on 37th several times a year. slacks and a shirt with a collar will get you into Elizabeth's all night long. will other guests be wearing coats and ties? yeah, prol', But E's on 37th is the best Savannah has to offer, and it may well be the best Georgia has to offer. Why deny yourself? I know you can get tasting menus back home, but the tasting menu is spectacular, if you like to be surprised and then overwhelmed. E's fits your bill to a tee with respect to the best regional seafood/southern we have to offer.

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        best in georgia.....that's a stretch.

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          Would love to hear your opinions on the best places in Georgia. Bonus points if they aren't in Atlanta.

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            Haven't been to Elizabeth's, but I'd put 5&10 up against anybody. Not trying to flame or pick a fight in any way shape or form.

      2. Local 11 Ten and Noble Fare are outstanding. Have drinks on the rooftop bar at Local 11 Ten.

        Local 11 Ten @ 1110 Bull St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 790 - 9000.
        Noble Fare @ 321 Jefferson St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 443 - 3210.

        1. following up: we went to Pink House (food excellent, service kinda bad but in an endearing way - would go again) and Garibaldi's (meh - would skip next time).

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            Would appreciate a more in depth review of Garibaldi. What did you eat, why didn't you like it? We like it ourselves but I can see how others might not. I tend to have several cocktails before arriving so that the noise doesn't bother me as much. : )