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Oct 24, 2011 09:34 AM

Where to buy dehydrated/freeze dried foods

I'm going backpacking for the 1st time and need to get some dehydrated or freeze dried veggies.

I'm not interested in pre-made meals so EMS and the like are out.

Any idea where I can get dehydrated or freeze dried veggies in the city?

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  1. I don't know if they carry food (never looked for it), but you should check with the staff at Tent & Trails (21 Park Place, downtown - 212.227.1760) - they're the best camping supply store in Manhattan, certainly, and would probably know where to get stuff if they don't have it. There's also an REI on Lafayette just below Houston - in the Puck Bldg, if I remember right. I'm sure they have stuff.

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      REI is finally open? I'll definitely check that out.

      Last time I was at T&T I didn't see any just veggies. I'll check again. I love that store.

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        At least according to their website they are. Not sure if they have an outside entrance or if you have to go into the building, though.

        Yeah, I don't think T&T has food - but everything is so jampacked into that space, if they did it'd be easy to walk right by and not even notice it. Either way, they'd know WHERE to get it, more n' likely.

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          Unless they're delaying their Grand Opening celebration (Dec. 2-4), it doesn't sound like REI is open, yet, unfortunately.

          Mega, the UWS location of EMS carries a freeze dried vegetable medley in butter sauce, but not plain vegetables. I'm not sure if the sauce makes this unworkable for you or not. Haven't checked the downtown location. Also, should you be in the market for freeze dried fruit, Trader Joe's does carry those (bananas and strawberries and maybe mango IIRC).

          If you had to, you could dehydrate veggies in your oven. (But that's a whole 'nother thread!)

          Trader Joe's
          142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

    2. REI and EMS both probably have Mountain House and other brands of freeze dried vegetables, not just premade meals. These are great for mixing with quinoa or bulgur wheat or couscous, bouillon powder and seasonings. (Premix a bag, so all you have to do is reconstitute with boiling water, or boil very briefly.)

      For dehydrated vegetables, there's an expensive (but lightweight) brand of dehydrated veggies and fruit widely sold in grocery stores called Just Tomatoes, etc... (There are Just Peas, Just Corn, Just Roasted Garlic, etc...) I've seen them at Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage and Fairway. You can look up other locations in NYC:

      If you have time and either a car or patience for mail order, check out Campmor on Rt 17 in NJ. Prices are fair and they have a good selection of freeze dried veggies (which are nutritionally supposed to be better than dehydrated and easier to reconstitute).

      Finally... just a word of warning. If you're tent camping, make SURE you bring a warm (non summer) tent and a very warm sleeping bag. If you're going north of NYC, it's a** freezingly cold at night, this time of year. In the Catskills, it can also be very windy. And camp near a supply of water + bring iodine tablets / filtration devices. That saves you a LOT of weight.

      Hope you have a great time!

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        Thanks for the tips! I'll have to keep my eye out for the Just Veggies brand. Never seen it before.