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Silver Spring, MD

Live in NYC and am looking for good/interesting restaurants in the Silver Spring area. Am going to be in the area quite a bit for work and am struggling with my choices so far. I did eat at 8407 and thought it was great. Anyone???

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  1. I recently enjoyed a dinner at Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian restaurant on Fenton Street - good food and friendly service.

    Crisfield Restaurant on Georgia Avenue serves some classic Chesapeake Bay style seafood dishes. Certainly a "rustic" place with a large raw bar, Crisfield has been in business since just after WWII. Fried oysters, crab-stuffed shrimp, and dishes in the classic "Norfolk style" are personal favorites.

    You might consider heading north up Georgia Avenue (or the Metro Red Line) to Wheaton for some excellent Thai food or pollo ala brasa. Wheaton is about a 10-minute drive north of Silver Spring.

    Addis Ababa Restaurant
    8233 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

    1. I just had dinner at Passage to India with some friends, and they have a sister restaurant Spice Xing in Rockville, and I thought it was wonderful, and had a great range of Indian dishes not just the typical Southern Indian style typically seen.

      I also recently had a nice dinner at Addie's and normally like Black's in Bethesda. What about A&J and Sichuan Pavillion? Or Ruan Thai?

      Calling DanielK!!

      Ruan Thai Restaurant
      11407 Amherst Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

      Spice Xing
      100-B Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850

      Passage to India
      4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        Ha! But none of those that you named are in Silver Spring.

        Rockville and Bethesda aren't far - maybe 10-20 minutes max, but do require a car.

        In Silver Spring proper, I second Addis Ababa. Also, Jackie's/Sidebar, Ray's the Classics, Cubano's, Pacci's.

        Up the road a couple of miles in Wheaton, there's Ren's Ramen, Nava Thai, Mi La Cay, New Kam Fong, and Los Chorros.

        Addis Ababa Restaurant
        8233 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

        Los Chorro's Restaurant
        2420 Blueridge Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

        Ray's the Classics
        8606 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

        Nava Thai Restaurant
        11315 Fern St, Silver Spring, MD 20902

        New Kam Fong
        2400 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD 20902

        1. re: ktmoomau

          Spice Xing is the WORST Indian food I have every eaten. Indian food served in a food court is SIGNIFICANTLY better. Avoid at all costs.

          1. re: drrerio

            Again, nowhere near Silver Spring, but I will strongly disagree with you. Spice Xing is one of the top Indian restaurants in MoCo, along with sister restaurant Passage to India, Bombay Bistro (Rockville) and it's sister restaurant, Indique Heights (Chevy Chase).

            1. re: DanielK

              Spice Xing is nice safe (not real) Indian food. Perhaps their meat dishes are wonderful, however I find their vegetarian dishes to be completely one-note and BLAND. We will have to agree to disagree.

              1. re: DanielK

                A lot of people I respect love Spice Xing, it's true. My one time there produced four very bland dishes and the weakest Indian food I've had in the area. It shocks me to think it bears some relation to Passage to India, but clearly it matters what you order..

                1. re: Steve

                  Have not been to Passage of India. Willing to give it a try. For me the best vegetarian Indian food is to be had at Woodlands.

                  1. re: drrerio

                    I love Woodlands in Langley Park, not so much the Fairfax location. Though I can't say it's the best: Saravana Palace in Fairfax shows great attention to detail.

                    If you go to Passage to India, go for the pickles and spices listed on the last page.

          2. Jackies for fun new American
            Sergeo's for old school Italian
            Crisfields for seafood
            Tastee diner- old school diner
            Quarry House- big burgers
            Pho hiep hoa, vitnamese, pho
            Negril: good Jamacian
            Cubano's , Cuban
            Mia rancho Tex Mex
            Wheaton is 2 stops away on redline metro and has great ethnic restaurants including Ruan Thai, Nava Thaii, max's for great Falafel and schwarma, Irenes Papusas, Pollo Campero, El pollo Rico, Marchones Italian Sub Shop, Wong Gee and New Kam Fong for authentic non Americanized Chinese, Hollywood Palace for dim sum.
            Rays the Classics- steaks and in the bar fantastic burgers
            Eggspectations - good breakfast
            Parkway Deli. Jewish styled deli

            Ruan Thai Restaurant
            11407 Amherst Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

            Parkway Deli
            7250 Parkway Dr Ste 110, Hanover, MD 21076

            923 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910

            Pollo Campero
            3229 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

            New Kam Fong
            2400 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD 20902

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            1. re: dining with doc

              I specifically left off the Italian and Deli places, because sending someone from NYC to Sergio's or Parkway is a crime...

              1. re: DanielK

                Not trying to compare with New York, you could make the same argument about most cuisines. Just trying to give local options.

            2. Cubano's for the bandejas (sampling platter),get both sauces - the mojo and the cilantro aioli- and of course Rays' the Steaks. They may still have their great bar deal going which is an impressive meal at a reduced price.

              It's worth it to go to Wheaton for the felafel at Max's and for Ruan Thai, especially the spicy boneless duck.

              Ruan Thai Restaurant
              11407 Amherst Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

              1. OP wants Silver Spring restaurants, so I'm not going to recommend Central Michel Richard. 8407 Kitchen Bar is the best place I've been in SS proper. Charm Thai is a good lunch spot. Very quick and efficient. Solid prices.

                Ghar-E-Kabob has the best Indian buffet in town. I second Mi Rancho. Passage to India is a great white table cloth Indian place, but all the way in Bethesda, you might as well drive to North Rockville and hit up Minerva, which is the best Indian place in Montgomery County, IMO.

                Central Michel Richard
                1001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004

                Passage to India
                4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

                Mi Rancho Restaurant
                1488 Rockville Pike Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852

                1. Pacci's for pizza. And thanks for not posting the city's name as "Silver Springs" (kind of a nitpick for me. :)

                  1. I'd add Roger Miller, very good West African (Cameroon) food. However, I'd go in nice weather when you can eat outside; the inside isn't very inviting. Note that on two visits some menu items (different each time) were unavailable. Prices are reasonable. Mandalay, the Burmese restaurant across the street, is also good and reasonably priced, though the interior has zero charm and service can be uneven.

                    Roger Miller Restaurant
                    941 Bonifant St Ste 1, Silver Spring, MD 20910

                    1. Guys -

                      Who knew there were so many great options. As work keeps me back and forth over the next few months I am looking forward to trying as many as I can. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. If you need any NYC info let me know. I am full of great suggestions.

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                      1. re: TeamGilkap

                        Just to be clear: There aren't that many "great" options -- certainly not by NYC standards. The only spots in SS to compare to 8407 are Ray's and (possibly) Jackie's. On the inexpensive side, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Thai Flavor -- but it's not even close to, e.g., Sripriphai/Zaab-Elee/Kinshop standards. Mandalay is, indeed, also good, at times excellent, but a bit inconsistent and you *must* order the dishes spicy to take adavantage of what that kitchen can do.

                        Thai Flavor Restaurant
                        56 Saint Patricks Sq, Waldorf, MD 20603

                        1. re: Marty L.

                          How does Thai Flavor stack up to Ruan Thai in Wheaton- or more importantly, if you were in Silver Spring, would you still consider going out of your way to Wheaton?

                          1. re: Steve

                            Thai Flavor is now Kao Thai. Haven't been, but IIRC, it got a good writeup in the Post a few months ago.

                      2. I've been out of the SS lunch rotation lately, but thought both Roger Miller and Thai Flavor were closed.

                        Olazzo's back room [the front room/bar is too, too noisy] isn't a substitute for visiting Dino's in Cleveland Park or 25 other places, but is better than the mega-chain mills nearby.

                        On a side note, Vicino, the other time machine red sauce place across from Jackie's has a jazz performance space downstairs. Good if you need an attitude adjuster and the Fillmore is just too much:


                        8235 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

                        1. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Mandalay. It's one of our staples for noodles.