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Oct 24, 2011 08:40 AM

Max' s Restaurant CT & MA

Have you folks that rave about the Max's portfolio in CT ever dined at the Springfield location? If so please compare your experiences.

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  1. Hard to compare because each restaurant tries to fill its own niche. Having been to all of them I've had a good meal at each, and a great meal at some. I will say personally that I've had the best experiences and best food at Max Downtown and Max Oyster Bar. At Downtown it was a double cut pork chop that made my Porterhouse ordering companions jealous. At Oyster bar it was a perfectly seared tuna with a trio of Indian inspired sauces that was out of this world. To speak directly of Max Tavern - it is exactly what it professes to be. Not quite the upscale that Max Downtown is, and not quite the experimentation that I loved at Max Oyster. But just a Tavern menu with the knowledge that anything that you order is going to be better than average and cooked perfectly.

    Max Downtown
    City Place, 185 Asylum St., Hartford, CT 06103

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      I agree completely with jdod.