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Oct 24, 2011 08:30 AM

Montauk in November

Taking the jitney (no car) to stay a couple of days in Montauk. What restaurants in the village will be open that serve good food.

Thanks Hounds for your assistance.

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  1. coll where are you?? This Chowhounder needs help.

    I lived in Montauk for many years and things have changed drastically since I have moved.

    The only place I can reliably reccomend is Mr John's Pancake house for an excellent breakfast. Gosman's has been living off their reputation for far too long. Avoid it. There have to be some better places down by the docks.

    I hear great things about Duryea's @ their lobster dock.

    Many places are closed this time of year or are only open weekends call ahead to check.

    coll is the Montauk know it all. Hope she can help.

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    1. re: Motosport

      is John's still OK? The Yelp reviews aren't encouraging:
      ... not that I don't take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt.

      How's Bird On the Roof?

      1. re: Scott_R

        Was there recently. Breakfast was great!

        1. re: Motosport

          Bird on the Roof, great but closed for the season.

    2. Don't know if all these places will be open, but this should get you started:

      1. Here I am! As always, my first choice this time of year would be O'Murphys, right on the circle. Irish pub, everything is always delicious, home style kind of food. The only other place I'm sure is open is Shagwong, but it's sort of divey. Depending on who's cooking, it can be OK. The only other place that might be open is Harvest, I think they're open weekends in the winter but don't quote me on that. That would be a little nicer.There are a few other places open but would involve a taxi ride (which isn't really a big deal).

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        1. re: coll

          O'Murphy's is very good.

          Last time that we were there on a Tuesday, it was two for one night. It was a while ago. They do a nice Guiness.


        2. Harvest- best restaurant in Montauk