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Oct 24, 2011 07:45 AM

dinners in Scotland

Hi, I am going to be in St. Boswell's , near Kelso and Melrose, in the borders area and would love to get some reccomendations for restaurants. Primarily for dinner, price is not a factor in the decision, but don;t need fancy wither. High quality food and good atmosphere.


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  1. We had an excellent meal at Burts Hotel in Melrose a couple of weeks ago. There is a bar area - which was packed - doing pub grub but of a higher standard from the look of it or there is the dining room through the back. The room has a formal appearance to it but was actually very relaxed. You can tell that you're not in a big city and that the room and service has been like this for many years as opposed to catering for trends.

    We had excellent starters of Mushroom consome with chicken dumplings and a pan fried quail breast. The meaty depth to the consome was top notch and it's great to see a dish like this on the menu when so many restaurants seem to avoid consome now. My main of lamb 3 ways was excellent and I struggle to remember my wife's dish (we stopped off on a spur of the moment drive down south hence my sparse recollection) but I do remember that she really enjoyed it! The one slight down point were the deserts. Every one seemed to be a trio based on a theme and whereas I thought that 2 out of my 3 were great with one lacklustre, my wife didn't enjoy hers so much.

    Apologies for the lack of detail but as mentioned earlier, it was a spur of the moment meal. I would happily recommend a visit, considering the details of a little amuse bouche and palate cleansing sorbet between starter and main course and a very reasonable wine list, a price of £100 for 2 was good value in our opinion.

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      Burt's gets a mention in 2012 Good Food Guide as an "also recommended" rather than a place with a cooking score. Also mentioned on the plot - Edenwater House @ Ednam (4), Cobbles Inn @ Kelso (1), Caddy Mann @ Jedburgh (2)