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Oct 24, 2011 07:36 AM

Yard House/Ridgehill Shopping Center

Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. While I haven't tried that particular one, I've eaten at their locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. For me, its like going to a Cheesecake Factory, but with a much better beer selection.

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    1. re: fragnet

      Funny, since they also have a Cheesecake Factory there. They're also opening an Elevation Burger and a Havana Central. I've never been to Elevation Burger but I did go to Havana Central on the Upper West Side and I thought it was loud and overpriced.

    2. Went there this past Sunday to have a drink and see what was going on. The place is dark, large tvs, one big room. 130 taps with 119 different beers. Large menu with a very diverse selection. Some items you don't find on many chain restaurants-rib eye steak, spicy tuna roll and a complete section of "gardien", which is a meat substitute. The bar staff was very knowledgable, not the locals training, but the opening staff from the west coast. I'll go back this weekend to eat-let you know how it went.

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        1. re: SeanPK

          Did they validate parking? Really bugs me that the shopping center charges $3.25 to park in the middle of nowhere. I read on the mall's Facebook page (where a few of us have been complaining about the parking charges) that Cheesecake Factory is validating for 2.5 hours of parking (and one person didn't make it out in time and had to pay the full $3.25). REI is paying you $1. Whole Foods validates for 90 minutes, but that's useless for dining.

          1. re: MisterBill2

            It bugs me having to pay for parking out in the middle of nowhere like that, too. I can understand it in White Plains, but not there.

        2. Took my family of four with two young kids. Very good menu. Kid friendly & helpful staff. Food was pretty good (recommended & loved the so. fried steak). Nice change of pace restaurant Westchester hasn't gotten in a while. We will definitely go back as more & more open in that shopping center.

          1. I won't pay for parking in the middle of nowhere in Westchester county and enrich the Yonkers politicians and developers who thought I would. I don't care how good the chain restaurants and chain stores are. There are the same or similar mediocre places not far away with free parking.

            1. We ate there last night and loved it. We had the Firecracker Asian spice wings for app and I had the BBq chicken salad for dinner and my friends had the French Dip Sandwhich and the Turkey club and it was all wonderful and extremely tasty. The bar was the best part...make sure you have a Black Orchid Martini or the Kona Red fire Beer...Both were awesome! The do not validate but it really didnt matter because the meal was worth the parking fee. We will be going back again!

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              1. re: JenNY11

                I hope you at least complained about them not validating. Maybe if enough people do, they will change their policy. Maybe I will call and ask and then tell them I'm not coming in because I refuse to pay for parking ::-).

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  I ate there last week and DID complain to the server about having to pay for parking. He replied that a majority of the patrons have the same complaint and that even the staff has to pay for parking, but they get a discounted monthly rate. I doubt if I'll be a regular visitor to Ridge Hill as I envision huge problems with parking and street navigation once all the stores are open.

                  1. re: fragnet

                    Good. And if Cheesecake Factory is validating, then it must be a known problem (about customers not wanting to pay), since they do not validate in WP.