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Juice cleanse

Has anyone tried a 3 day juice cleanse on this board? If so, any recommended prepared juices to purchase in Austin? If you have thoughts on taste of juices and program specifications pls share! Thx!!

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  1. If by "juice" you mean "bbq, tacos, and Korean food, washed down with lots of beer" then I'm definitely on a pretty mindblowing cleanse that has really picked up steam over the last few months.

    1. I don't recommend juice cleanses, because they are essentially just nutritionless days. Think about that one for a second. Your Western lifestyle might allow you a juice cleanse or two in your lifetime, but that does not mean it's actually healthy.

      However, if you're still insisting, Daily Juice has fresh juices with numerous organic ingredients and also offers yummy smoothies and green juices--and, if you're insisting, many juice cleanse program "juices". Think Master Cleanse. Or, good god, go eat a healthy meal at a local restaurant. Fasting in any form for longer than a day is a very bad idea.

      Daily Juice
      1625 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

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        Why Nattomi? Why is juice fasting a bad idea? For thousands of years people have been fasting.We in the west can have a horribly rich diet between fastfood and just trying to eat on a busy schedual. Fasting/cleansing is like a body "reset". Talk to me Nattomi, what do you know that I dont know?

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          Perhaps that nearly all actual medical doctors say there's really no such thing as "detox-ing" via fasting/cleansing, and that when you do so you're just depriving yourself of nutrients--when what you really need to do is eat less of the "horribly rich" stuff and more vegetables and lean proteins on a regular, consistent basis.

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            i'm so fascinated by how personally people are taking other peoples' cleanses and fasts.

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              It's certainly fascinating subject matter!

      2. First a question. Why are you looking for a cleanse? Other than preparing for surgery or other medical procedure does a cleanse really do you any good? I've heard that they help remove toxins but do they? I've used "Super Colon Cleanse" several times which is simply psilum husk and it works very well for it's target. But I am thinking of pairing that with a green fruit juice and herb smoothie I've found at safeway and maybe some Golden Seal as well. Any thoughts?

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          i simply wanted to have a day or two without solids--i had indulged way too much over the holidays and read about the supposed benefits of cleanses. i was curious and wanted to try. quite frankly my body was screaming at me for the damage i did to it! so i tried a 1-day "cleanse" from snap kitchen. it didnt change my life obviously, but it felt good to do no solids for a day.

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            You are a victim of media, marketing, and misinformation, IMO.

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              wow, thanks for sharing your "humble" opinion. i'm not a victim of anything, actually, and am quite pleased with my decision to do a one day fast.

        2. the austin chronicle just did a short article on a 10-day juice cleanse and mentions juiceland. it is available online right now. you could also see what whole foods and central market have to offer. too bad goodflow isn't around anymore. they had great juices.

          1. I pretty much leave my colon alone, it has served me well for 49 years so far.

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              I'm gonna try a 3 day cleanse this coming weekend and am going to use Bolthouse Farms 'green Goodness"juice smoothie. also some Golden Seal and green tea.
              After a fast or cleanse my mind is clearer, and I find I can focus better. There is also just a all around better body feeling. To Redfish?.....Time to schedual that colonoscopy you've been putting off brother. And yeah.......You'll need a cleanse to have the procedure done correctly. Or else! As a friend of mine told me he bypassed the cleanse and his first colonoscopy was inconclusive, Therefore his wife made him have a high colonic followed by a cleanse before his second colonoscopy. If your car had served you well for 49 thousand miles. wouldnt you at least schedual a tune up?