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Oct 24, 2011 05:28 AM

Transporting salad dressings to a party?

Does anyone have any good ideas on transporting salad dressings to a party? I make my own dressings and am often in charge of taking salad to the inlaws.

I had been using canning jars for years because i would just shake up a vinaigrette in the jar and take it along for the ride. We have just used a spoon to take out the dressing at time of serving and drizzle it on but it can be a bit messy.

Does anyone have a different method that doesn't involve taking dressing and putting it into a different serving vessel then back again at a party? Something that is pourable and not really messy would be fantastic!

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  1. Try one of those carafe-style juice bottles (plastic), just soak off the labels.

    1. My mum has something that is used for exactly that purpose but I don't really know its name, and googling isn't helping. Maybe someone else knows. It's a plastic pot, about 20cm tall and 12cm in dia, and has a spout. Then it has a lid that fits inside with a kind of plunger button thing to make an airtight seal. It's about 30 years old though! Yeah, not that helpful, sorry...

      1. I found this on Amazon.

        I bought a simpler version of this at Boxer Restaurant Supply in downtown Portland, OR this past summer. What I bought is an indented' polycarbonate vessel that you use to mix and shake a vinaigrette in. The lid snaps off and on. Just yesterday, I noticed a similiar vessel in plastic or polycarbonate at the grocer's. Its lid has a separated on/off hole with lid, so a vinaigrette could be simply poured without snapping off the entire lid.

        I have also used a handled glass bottle with its own cork.

        I would check restaurant supply houses, online or walk-ins, and Amazon for what you think would work best. I like simple, myself. The 2 vessels I bought are dishwashable, and they were relatively cheap. But if you are likely to be making very thick dressings, they might not be ideal.

        1. When I buy vinegar in an appealing bottle, I save the botlle. I use that to make, store and transport my home-made dressiongs. The neck is usally designed for pouring, so it's not messy for self-dressing at a party.

          1. I bought one of those "Good Seasons" carafes for just this purpose. It's easy to keep leftover dressing in the fridge for the next day also. You get the packet of dressing mix along with it, but you can toss it. I assume they still sell these in the salad dressing aisle at the grocery store?

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              +1 on this. Yep, these work really well for vinaigrette and creamy dressings alike. You can get them where they sell the dry dressing packets next to the croutons and bacon bits, etc. We really like these because they're glass and we avoid plastic (especially when introducing an acid!!!)