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Oct 24, 2011 04:19 AM

Frenchie - October 6, 2011

We just returned from our trip to Paris and Venice and have learned a great deal about what works for us and what just doesn't. For me, walking into a restaurant in a foreign city and being made to feel like an honored guest scores big points. Frenchie scored, but not at the top. No matter how small the place, someone has to recognize that there is a customer or 2 at my table, even if it's with an apology for not being able to give me a drink. Frenchie didn't score at all. We sat there for too long without anyone tending to our table, Then the food came--it was really fresh and delicious and I was sitting within sight of the chef and he was concerned that it was good. Frenchie scored--big time, in every dish and and in all 3 courses. We went with anticipation of a good meal and left fed,
I don't kinow it is all the time, but I know what is was that night and I know what would have made the meal stellar, but Frenchie isn't that kind of place. If you want great food, and don't care about
rushed service or having requests go unmet (like a bit of ice for my water), Frenchie will satisfy you,.
This is a tiny restaurant with only one server and a bar tender/server. They serve delicious food, the chef really wants everyone to enjoy what he prepares and that was the reason we left satisfied,

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  1. l agree with a some of what you said re:Frenchie. While l found the service harried, they were very nice and helpful, food was not in my ball park though. However, ice is a quantity very rare here, and was probably an unmet request as they have none. Had a carafe d'eau at a Michelin* last week that was room temp, sort of as expected.

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      We ate at many restaurants on this trip--Spring, Le Clos de Gourmets, Le Comptoir, Florimond,
      Cafe Flor, L'Ardoise and every one of them was packed. Le Comptoir had a waiting line outside that was about an hour + long. In that windstorm of activity, their dynamo server came over to us a couple of times to say she'd be right with us. We live in NYC and I rarely cook any more, so dining out is most of what we do. For me to enjoy myself, almost more important than the food is the attitude of the front of the house in seeing we are nicely greeted, seated, in NY water is put on the table automatically and a server either offers you bread of brings around a tray with the
      bread/rolls. Neither is better than the other and in another country we respect the methods, but
      to be forgotten at your table is unacceptable to me, in any country.