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Oct 24, 2011 03:14 AM

Tuda Na Brasa in Woburn ~ Yum...

I was out shopping Saturday and on my way home at lunchtime. I was also really hungry and didn't have anything on hand for lunch. So, after a few of the chowhounds recommended this place, I decided to give this place a try.

It was so good, thanks guys.

When you walk in the door, they have a hot and cold buffet. Hot dishes are on the first cart and cold dishes are on the next cart. The dishes names are in Spanish and for the most part I couldn't understand the writing. But, they have different dishes on different days. It's layed out on the menu, but for the most part, lots of the same dishes reappear each day/night. Every dish looked very fresh and the place was spotless. Some of the dishes are white rice, chicken rice, collard greens, yucca with pork and beans, ground beef with vegetables. The cold dishes were exceptionally fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, their version of pico de gallo (one of my very favs), potato salad, giardeniere salad (sp?), beets and pickles.

In the back center of the room is the bbq'd meats. You bring your plate up and tell the chef what you want and he brings it down from the rotisserie and cuts it for you. A couple of different version of beef, chicken, lamb and pork. You fill up your plate and bring it to be weighed.

My lunch consisted of alot of romaine, pico, rice and bbq chicken. It cost me 6.20, minus the tip.

After I went on Saturday, I called friends and we went back on Sunday around 2pm. They added Mexican lasanga, fried fish and french fries. Again, everything was delicious. We had four dinners altogether and one beer. The cost was just over 30 dollars. Everything is weighed at 5.99 per pound.

BTW, this must be a hidden gem, because on Sunday, the place was packed.

Just wanted to give some feedback about this place. Give it a go if you love bbq, good prices and excellent food.

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  1. mcel215 nice update on Tudo na Brasa (which means roughly everything grilled). Just a constructive comment that the dishes were listed in Portuguese because its a Brazilian restaurant (not a criticism, simply there are descriptions of some of the dishes you mentioned in other posts on the site) -- a 'por kilo' churrascaria or by weight buffet and grilled meats. The sauce is called "vinagrete." Generally such a buffet will always have garlic rice and seasoned rice (arroz temperado or arroz a grega) which is a good way to reuse white rice, not necessarily "chicken rice" like "arroz con pollo" -- they may very well throw in chicken or churrasco in from time to time, but other hounds shouldn't expect it. Yuca is usually stewed with beef (vaca atolada -- a puree with beef ribs, or something like oxtail which is more commonly served with potatoes). Pork with grits (canjiquinha) would be the most common pork stew, usually using pork ribs (and its great if add hot pepper and put pureed beans in the middle) and collard greens. A buffet will generally have a couple of main dishes, which rotate on a certain schedule (roasted or stewed meat, lasagna, feijoada, fish, canjiquina/vaca atolada), vegetables can change, salads, rice, sides will be just about the same day to day. Sunday afternoons are when Brazilian families go out (whether to a restaurant or to friend's house), except those who work in restaurants so that is why its busy. What was "Gold Beef Grill" but I believe was taken over by Oliveira's (with the economy not certain if that lasted because other restaurants of theirs fell through) was the other popular spot in downtown Woburn -- they offered more fixed price options (particularly a "marmitex" or take out lunch, Oliveira's tends to have a rodizio option nights/weekends). Rodeo on the other side of Woburn (West End??) has some fans on the board, but I haven't been since changing hands -- its more of a sit down environment, with full bar, had live entertainment, and primarily focused on "rodizio" business.

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    1. re: itaunas

      Thanks Itunas,
      Sorry about the Spanish/Portuguese error. :)

      Just in case anyone doesn't know, this place now has a full bar also. The desserts looked great too, but didn't try any.

      And thanks for explaining the dishes for me. I took their paper menu and it explains it somewhat.
      All I know is, I'll be returning really soon.....

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        itaunas, you had me at 'grits'.So, armed w/ your helpful info -- the name of that specific dish and that the dishes change daily, I called tudo na brasas and asked when they have Canjiquinha, and they said Mondays. whoopee! here's what i found further about it:
        and boy did i learn alot from that video. those cooks have to be wicked strong in brasil, with those cast iron pots for everything! i loved hearing the language (portuguese has to be one of the prettiest of languages) and watching the assembly. I cannot imAGine grinding corn like that- it must have taken eons in the old days(the Japanese have bamboo water contraptions similar to that they put in their gardens to scare away the deer.) I wonder why they wash their cornmeal?I've never seen cornmeal washed before. And the Canjiquinha at Tudo- is it very liquidy or do the grits cook up thicker? thx much to you, mce and ferrari. I know where i'll be next monday :-}

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          It could be that i am not a brazilian food fan, but i frankly think it was the chef>> we had a major disappointing eperience here last monday night. I would simplify it as : overcooked grilled meats w/ no marinade/rub/flavoring (just S and P); buffet stewy things w/ no herbs or spices but with grease; bottled salad dressings, unappealing bar residents and eating neighbors, friendly nice owners.

          Their Canjiquinha that i was so excited to learn about -was not grits but a cornmeal porridge with pieces of pork loin(not the more flavorful ribs) and pork stock and grease. No onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, spices,....nada. Sure, every cook makes there own version but unfortunately, the youtube Canjiquinha that enticed me was nowhere to be found here.

          I would never recommend this place or return. But I am so glad others have found it to be enjoyable.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Thanks op,
            I haven't been back since last year, but have sent friends. At first they loved it and most recently they were disappointed as well.
            My own feelings about "what they do with all the leftover meats", have been gnawing at me. (I am down in that area a lot and don't see them crowded any longer).

            It's too bad that they choose to serve it as fresh. Thanks for sharing though and saving me a disappointing meal.


      2. Having been a long time customer and a fan of this place I just want to add that they just rebuilt and expanded the buffet.

        1. I haven't been in over 5 years, when I worked in Woburn. They also had, at the checkout area,
          some very delicious dulce de leche cakes in varying flavors, by the slice. I believe they were baked on site. Also empanada-type savory filled dough pouches in several shapes. Sorry I don't know the proper terminology, nor whether these are still available.

          1. Still having my Sunday Fish Fry at Tudo Na Brasa (Taste of Brasil) in Woburn.
            Getting here just after 11:00 AM when everything is fresh out of the fryer. A couple pieces of crackling is so good, probably not the healthiest stuff, and I added a chicken wing today so the total ended up being a whopping $4.50. Normally it hovers around $4. Perfectly good lunch for me before heading up to the shelter for an afternoon of doing adoptions.

            Greygarious, didn't see any empanadas but they have a wide selection of desserts at the counter.


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