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ISO Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

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Any recs?

Nothing from a can, concentrate, or (heaven forbid) powder.

Oh, and please, no recs for Hot Dog On a Stick. :-)

Thanks very much.

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  1. Fred 62, and I believe Caribbean Bistro in Pasadena.

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      jamba juice makes their lemonade daily. Go in the early am and you can watch them sqeeze the lemons in the oj machine. Have bought pure fresh lemon juice before for my own lemonade from them.

    2. My house.

      Sorry, I don't mean to be snarky, but I recommend that you visit a Mexican market, where they sell these incredible handheld citrus presses and then go to your local farmers market for the best, freshest lemons and squeeze away!

      Depending on the sourness, I squeeze out a 1/8 to 1/4 cup and then add water to one cup or one-and-one-quarter and then add Sweet and Low to taste.

      It only takes five minutes or less. If I am in a purging mood, add hot sauce.

      IMHO, I can't find better anywhere.

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        Professor Salt

        Skooby's Hot Dogs on Hollywood Blvd squeezes their own.

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          Skooby's lemonade is very good, as are the dogs. The fries are even better.

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            Second Skooby's. Lemonade and fries are indeed excellent. I think the dogs are so-so, especially the buns.

            Best lemonade is simply to grab a few lemons, some ice, and some sugar. Shake it up, adjust to your personal taste, and enjoy!

          2. Try Phillippes downtown. The sandwitchs might be overrated, but they have great lemonade.

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              Phillipe's lemonade is not fresh. It's good but it's not fresh.

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                Actually I don't necessarily think the sandwiches are over-rated BUT ..

                The meat (when I was a child 50 plus years ago) used to be hand-cut by the server as the sandwich was being made. Slowly that concept has disappeared with the notable excpetion of the LAMB sandwich which is still hand-cut. (Ham was the last one they removed from the hand-cut option).

                Thankfully, lamb is my favorite meat so I am in heaven. So if you like lamb, go for it at Phillipes. Otherwise it is the pre-sliced stuff.

              2. naked juice lemonade :)

                also, i really like how cheesecake factory makes theirs. i know, i know...but really, it is rather yummy.

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                  Romie - I am embarassed to admit that I am also quite fond of CF's lemonade. It's delicious.

                2. naked juice lemonade :)

                  also, i really like how cheesecake factory makes theirs. i know, i know...but really, it is rather yummy.

                  1. s

                    Phillipe's French Dip.
                    Downtown LA

                    1. Les Sisters in Chatsworth. Lots of Soul Food places will have great lemonade.

                      1. I second Jamba Juice.

                        I also like the lemonade from the recently-much-maligned La Brea Bakery. Packs a punch.

                        (Mostly I keep a container of fresh-squeezed lemon juice mixed with simple syrup in the refrigerator, then mix with sparkling water, club soda, and/or vodka, on demand. The juice will keep for weeks that way.)

                        1. Thanks for all the recs.

                          I found a pretty good rendition this morning at Lovebird's Cafe in Pasadena. Fresh squeezed and they even added a sprig of mint on request (but oddly no vodka). Not bad at all.

                          Will have to try Jamba Juice ...

                          I've had Philippe's and, sadly, it tastes very canned to me.

                          Next stop? Gypsy Jan's house. :-)

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                            OK, i.d., I look forward to your visit. You haven't lived until you have tasted fresh squeeezed limas (in Florida they're called key limes).

                            At the markets in Rosarito, Baja California Norte, they sell for about 50 cents a kilo (2.2 lbs.)

                            No sweetening needed. :>)

                          2. I find that the lemonade at Houston's is outstanding...fresh and tart like it should be!

                            1. La Casita Mexicana in Bell has an agua fresca version that they put chia seeds in.

                              Also Europane has some but it is overly sweet IMO but fresh.

                              1. Quality Food and Beverage on 3rd St (west of Fairfax) has terrific lemonade and great breakfast and lunch items.

                                They refill the lemonade without extra charge and are quite generous. I go there to guzzle down their lemonade.

                                Cafe Hiro in Cypress also has delicious fresh lemonade.

                                I fully understand what you mean-- gotta love fresh squeezed lemonade.

                                1. I think Bread Bar on 3rd St near Robertson is great for lemonade.

                                  1. If you are in the mall, Hot Dog on a Stick has several varieties.

                                    1. *bump* wondering if there are any new lemonade recs?

                                      I love the strawberry lemonade at MILK (on Beverly Blvd., http://themilkshop.com/)

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                                        had the lemonade at Aunt Kizzy's Back Porch in Marina Del Rey this afternoon and it was very good! More sweet than sour.

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                                          Good bump.

                                          The Farmer's Lemonade at City Bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart.

                                          Cream + Lemonade = perfect

                                        2. Crumbs bakery squeezes and mixes the lemonade fresh as you order. I once ordered lemonade instead of a latte, thinking it would be less time and "hassle" for them to make it, but the 5 minute wait was worth it.

                                          1. I've had great lemonade at Clementine - but I don't remember if it was fresh squeezed.

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                                              Clementine's specialty is ginger limeade--not cheap, but addictive.

                                            2. aroma bakery in tarzana has a drink called 'limonaana' -- it's a frozen lemonade, fresh squeezed, with lots of fresh mint blended in (so much so that it's actually a greenish color instead of yellow). it's a strong contender for my favorite beverage in the world. very refreshing on a hot valley day.

                                              1. I just had a good lemonade at Pho 97 (formally Pho 79) in Chinatown.

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                                                  I love the fresh-squeezed unsweetened lemonade at Good Stuff (Olympic and Bundy)

                                                2. Lemonade just opened. New goal is to try i in the coming weeks, but We Ho is a bit out of the way.

                                                  Report back if you try the lemonade at Lemonade!

                                                  9001 Beverly Blvd, WeHo, CA