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Oct 23, 2011 08:56 PM

January wedding NY/NJ

As many other have posted on this, my chosson and I are trying to make a very low budget wedding. we have about 300 guests and want to find a delicious caterer that can work with our very small budget for 40-50$ does anyone have any suggestions?
or any venues suggestions? we want to get married in a nice but affordable place thats roomy, not a shul and not one or those functions that are all in one room.
has anyone heard anything good about atoria world manor in queens NY?
or eden palace? terrence on the park?
anything offered is great appreicated!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't go too often to weddings but I am fairly certain that Terrace on the Park wouldn't be as budget friendly as some other options. Eden Palace is definitely one of the nicer places in Brooklyn that may be more affordable. Not sure what a wedding costs there. I was at a wedding at Ateres Charna (I think it was called that) in Monsey. Its not one of those places were you have to walk downstairs like a basement. Its affordable and newer so it doesn't look run down. The food wasn't notable but I think a lot of times the wedding food is just fine and probably not worth overspending for that. I haven't heard Astoria World Manor in years. I think years back it was a dark place, but it looks like they have re-done it. Good Luck!

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        Ateres Charna is all one room, though, which the OP specifically doesn't want.

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          it is one room and I didn't remember that. I think its because they cordoned areas of the room off in to separate sections and it appears as though it is separate rooms (that is one big room). I have gone to places where you need to step into the lobby for them to transition from the smorg to chuppah or from chuppah to dinner. That wasn't the same with this place.

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          I thing u could bring any glatt kosher caterer to Ateres Charna to match your taste and style

        3. Lake Terrace in Lakewood NJ is beautiful and affordable.
          I here Crest Hollow Country Club can be affordable on weeknights

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            i just looked up LAke Terrace and its seems truely beautiful!!! unfortunatly, Lakewood is a bit far considering my entire side of the wedding will be traveling from Long Island and Lakewood is a 2hr drive, but thank you! do you have any other suggestions?
            yes i looked at crest hollow but i found only their outdoor facilities to be impressive otherwise I dont see the need to spend what they charge for what they offer for a January Wedding.

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              Plus, with an outdoor wedding, you have to hope you don't hit an unbearably hot day, like the one I hit when I attended a wedding there a year ago in late August. If you are specifically picking a place for its lovely setting, I can understand not wanting to move it indoors, but the comfort level of the guests should really be considered. I wrote about this before (, but it may bear repeating for anyone considering an outdoor wedding there. I did have a better experience there with an indoor wedding (see further down in the same thread), but all in all, I wouldn't recommend it, even if you're doing the indoor option.