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Oct 23, 2011 06:43 PM

Dishes for Halloween party

I'm planning a party for Halloween, and am looking for suggestions. So far, I have:

Black Halloween punch (with floating ice hand)
Roasted pumpkin soup (pumpkin soup baked in the pumpkin itself)
Crescent Mummies (hot dogs wrapped in store-bought crescent rolls)
Baked rats (individual meatloaves shaped like rats, with spaghetti noodle tails)
"Devil"led eggs (devilled eggs made to look like eyeballs)
Spider cupcakes

Does anyone have any other suggestions? This party is going to be for at least 7, and must maintain at least some decorum. I'm especially looking for a vegetable.

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    1. re: LaLa

      Off topic, but wow on the; a FB friend said yesterday that she's "addicted" to it..LOL! It's intriguing for sure!!! I didn't know what it even was til I clicked on your links there LaLa, so now I know!!!

    2. Roasted Brains with broken bones -- roasted brussel sprouts with chopped nuts
      Bloody Brains -- spaghetti squash with a tomato caponata
      Bloody Brains 2 -- cauliflower head steamed with a beet red vinegarette
      Creamed Eyeballs -- creamed pearl onions
      Ghosts -- mashed cauliflower with a bit of cream cheese and roasted garlic, piped into 2 part mounds to resemble ghosts (body and head), then broil and use peppercorns for eyes

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      1. re: Emme

        LaLa and Emme -- excellent vegetables for Halloween -- some people are so clever!

      2. i saw some cute "witches hats" made with hershey' kisses.

        and for some reason, martha stewart living always does a lot for halloween! check out her website.

        last year i started a thread on fun halloween stuff.

        1. I saw these while looking for a recipe to make candied apples. I can't wait to make black ones, these look great with the twigs.

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          1. re: lilgi

            I really wish I hadn't seen this site. Today got about 2 dozen handpicked, gorgeous apple tree twigs from an organic-pesticide free nursery by me. I'll brush them later on with warm, mild soap water and let them dry before I start making my black candied apples.

            Now I have to stop thinking about the black goblets I fell in love with towards the bottom of the page. What's a girl to do.

            1. re: sparkareno

              Black punch: grape soda, orange soda, and ginger ale. Plus a disposable glove filled with water, frozen to make a floating hand made of ice.

              Emme: thanks for the idea about cauliflower! We have a sizable one in the fridge that needs eating anyway :)