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Oct 23, 2011 06:28 PM

Where to repair Gaggia Classic espresso machine?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a skilled repair shop that can fix my Gaggia? Anywhere in Metro Boston or environs would be fine.

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  1. I can't presently find anything about it, but I remember reading somewhere on Barismo's website that they will repair equipment. You might contact them to find that out or to see if they have some good suggestions. What seems to be the problem with your machine? I am no expert but do have a Gaggia machine as well and am curious what you are dealing with.

    169 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

    1. Here is an older thread which discusses Gaggia specifically. As I mentioned in the note I had some more work done by TC's since the original post and they definately are doing a lot of consumer espresso machine repair, along with general commercial repair (more non-espresso pro equipment and didn't have some parts I needed to retrofit a pump). Can't say if they work on Gaggia or if they are an authorized service center. They aren't cheap (there are probably more affordable pro repair options), but I can't imagine someone like Barismo doing work for less. Its worth asking any shop about whether its repairing vs. purchasing new eqiupment (they obviously won't know for certain until they look at the machine which will generally involve a minimum charge, but an honest repair shop should at least be able to give you an opinion as fixing a $200 machine often isn't economical unless you can do it yourself).

      169 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

      1. I sent mine to Porto Rico Coffee in NYC.

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            BTW, as far as I know they are still in Medford right with Accardi and Sons on Commercial Street.

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              You are right. Its so close i did not even think when i wrote malden

            2. In most cases, the Gaggia Classic is a pretty simple machine to repair on your own. (If you can open up a computer and swap out parts, you can do this.)

              What's wrong with it?

              If it is leaking, you need new gaskets. This is a simple install. Instructions are here:

              If you want to check out the internals, all you have to take off the top screws. If water isn't coming out, look for a loose hose. If it isn't heating, you need a new heating element, etc.

              Here's a PDF of the parts:

              Good luck. If you want to try and fix it on your own, post what your problem is, I might be able to give you some tips.

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                indeed. it's not so hard to fix it on your own. my other half took my beloved Gaggia Classic apart and repaired it for me. even decalcified it thoroughly as well. works perfect again. now i have to decalcify it a lot more often to prevent calcium build-up.

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                  Well, never taken a computer apart, but maybe this is worth a try. Thanks for the tips and links.

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                    Especially if it is a gasket or hard water issue, you should try it yourself before paying a lot to have someone fix it. If you are doubting yourself, you could call Whole Latte Love; they are helpful and I believe are also the U.S. Gaggia distributor. There are also tons of Gaggia hobbyist websites...I'm a member of a good one, found here: