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Belly Ice Cream - have you tried it??

OMG, you have not had ice cream until you've tried Belly.

We picked some up - apple crumble - at Spirit Tree Cidery today and I could not believe how good it was. So rich and decadent. No weird after taste. Full of carmelized apple flavour - like eating apple pie ala mode in the good ole days. LOL

I am now hooked. Went online and see it's available at All The Best, Pusateris and Summerhill. No surprise...all the high end spots.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of the other flavours.

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  1. Glad that you mentioned it. I saw them in Pusateri's and was wondering. I'll try it soon. Thanks.

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      I should have mentioned also that they use preservative free, locally sourced ingredients.
      If you see Apple Crumble you must try it.

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        It may only be available in the Avenue Road Pusateri's. I was in the Yorkville branch earlier today and there was no sign of it there.

        1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

      2. What weird ice-cream flavours! Pumpkin? Apple Crumble? Doesn't sound too appetizing. Why not sauerkraut while you're at it? Mind you, I'm a gelato and sorbet afficionado, hence my skepticism, I guess.

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          really?! I think the flavours sound PERFECT! like I dreamed them up myself.. salted caramel with chocolate macaroon- wow, i cannot wait to try!

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            I know, I love the sounds of the flavours and don't find them weird in the least.
            The salted caramel and wild blueberry pancake have really got me jonesing.

            Not a big fan of chocolate at the best of times but the brownie one sounds yummy too!

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              oh man ah blueberry pancake.. salted caramel - i am officially on a mission.

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              What's weird about pumpkin or apple crumble??? I've seen at least pumpkin flavor around for years. Not bad, either...basically pumpkin custard, like you'd find in a pie, only ice creamier. (LOL)

              What I can personally probably do without are other flavors of ice cream I've seen in recent years...bacon, shrimp, cilantro, garlic, and a few other "oddball for the sake of oddball" flavors.

          2. Picked up the apple crumble from All The Best today. Just had some and it was exactly as you described. So good!! Thanks for the reco!

            1. I've tried the vanilla and I have to say it was good. But not to die for! Especially at the price they charge.
              It's nice ice cream, just not extraordinary, IMO. Maybe the other flavours are more exciting, but I'll have to save up to buy some more!

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                what's the rough cost of a container? i'm finding ice cream in toronto is generally exorbitantly priced -- almost double what the same brands cost in the US, although there are occasional sales.

                1. re: autopi

                  I paid $13.95 for a 500mL container at All The Best. It certainly isn't cheap but totally worth it to me as an occasional treat (probably better for my waistline if I don't eat it regularly!). Finished off the apple crumble last night. Yum!

              2. ok, after reading this and discovering Heatherlea in my own backyard, I, too, was on a mission. ending up buying chocolate dipped strawberry and apple crumble. OMG very good. The strawberry tasted so fresh and "strawberryish" I thought it was almost sorbet. So so good. And the apple crumble, yummy with the plump rum soaked raisins. Would love to try a few more of the flavours but not the cheapest.

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                  Saw at least 10 flavors in mcewan's at the shops at don mills yesterday, think the price was $12.99 can anyone make a comparison with Ed's?

                2. Looked but didn't buy.

                  Noticed that many of the flavours include alcohol (e.g. rum, scotch). I've not had good experiences with that combination - the alcohol makes a 'good' consistency VERY hard to achieve. Either the ice-cream is too soft ( I don't enjoy soft ice-cream - I prefer more icy - or gelato style), or the alcohol (and some flavourings) tend to separate out.
                  I know, I shouldn't criticise without trying it - but given my past experiences will somebody recommend a flavour that has a 'firm or even hard' consistency - and I'm not a chocolate fan!

                  1. I was really excited to try Belly after reading about others' exeriences in this thread, but ended up being quite disappointed... I picked up the Maple Ripple flavour from Summerhill Market. The flavour was decent (though not outstanding) but I found the texture/consistency to be really off...it was somewhat granular and too light/airy. Not nearly as creamy and delicious as it ought to have been. Definitely not worth the $12.49 I paid for it (when I bought it, I thought it was $10.99, and then noticed the actual price on my bill when I got home...I'm not one to bargain shop for good food, but that price is a bit obscene, especially for the quality). Or maybe I just picked the wrong flavour??

                    Summerhill Market
                    446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                    1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                      I bought the strawberry/rhubarb flavour, assuming it was ice-cream - turned out to be a dairy-free sorbet sort of thing. I guess that's my fault for not closely inspecting the label, but I feel a little bit mislead.

                      1. re: gimel

                        No one should have to pay that kind of price for sorbet / ice-cream.

                        1. re: ghostdogg

                          Nobody has to!

                          It's always your choice not to buy.

                          Great quality can be worth it.

                          Getting a litre for $2.99 of a bad product is a waste of $2.99.

                          Consider yourself lucky if you've never paid more than $12.50 for something that wasn't worth it.

                        2. re: gimel

                          Gimel, how can you possibly feel misled for your incorrect assumptions? That's just crazy!!

                          1. re: millygirl

                            Hey, I copped to it being my responsibility to inspect the label - it's just that it wasn't immediately obvious from the labeling what the product was, and frankly I was going off the recommendation in this thread, which is titled "belly ice cream" and which hadn't even contained a mention that there might be non-ice cream items in the product line at that point.

                            At any rate, I posted as a warning to others - scrolling back, it appears foodie_guru may also have made the same mistake: "The strawberry tasted so fresh and "strawberryish" I thought it was almost sorbet".

                      2. I've tried the goat cheese and berries from mcewan's at don mills. The ice cream had a nice richer and denser texture with a touch of saltiness. It wasn't so much of an ice cream but more like a frozen parfait with visible layers of cream and pieces of berries. I liked it alot but sad to see it's off the list and replaced with lavender honey. Glad to see Vietnamese coffee is still there. Some flavors don't look like they are "worth" the cost like said coffee ice cream but the flavor combinations can't be found elsewhere so I think the cost be somewhat justified knowing the quality of product they produce.

                        They do have a current list of flavors on their website.

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                        1. re: geekwithspatula

                          Circle your calenders - insiders tell me that All The Best Fine Foods will be giving samples of Belly Ice Cream's new christmas flavours on December 10th from noon until 3 p.m.

                          1. re: millygirl

                            tasting @all the best is cancelled due to wicked flu!

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                              Salted Caramel - OMG!!! Tried it for the first time last night. With berries. Our guests LOVED it. Best ending to a meal EVER!!! I'm stocking up.

                              1. re: millygirl

                                Great news for Belly lovers....they have signed on with a distributor so the product is going to be widely available which in turn will see lower price. The info was posted on their website with a guarantee that this will not comprise quality. Very exciting for them, and us!!

                                If I knew how to attach I would, but I don't so me sorry. Maybe someone more high tech can rescue me here LOL