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Oct 23, 2011 04:17 PM

Resto Nora Gray?

Curious to know if anyone has gone and would recommend it.

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  1. So far the general consensus has been very good. I am hoping to go thursday so will let you know if there are no other responses. It was featured on di Stasio this weekend and certainly looked good!

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    1. re: roastedmontreal

      Thanks -

      I saw part of the show too and that's what prompted me to search for more. I look forward to your comments!

      1. re: roastedmontreal

        I had a fantastic meal there but am in no rush to return. The noise level was atrocious. The floor is marble and the walls are wood...sounds were bouncing all over the place. The gentleman at the next table screamed to his wife that he would rather be at McDonalds where he could at least hear himself think. Best Italian that I've had in ages. I hope they tackle the noise issue.

      2. I've been as well, and yes it's noisy (also a big beef of MCLortie- see this week's La Presse review). Maybe it's because i went to the first seating, but still, i was not super put off by it. Food was great - nice carefully thought out dishes though no really wild food combinations ( this is a plus for some, a minus for others). I do like a nice fun place to eat; this place was bit of a scene though - from hipsters to wealthy urban be expected i guess when a new place is getting that much buzz.

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        1. re: Arktik

          Wait, does that mean they have two seatings, or just that you went early? I was planning a dinner there for a group of 8, but if we can't linger...

          Also I'm still deciding if the noise would be too much since we are a group, it's nice to hear what the other end of the table is saying.

          1. re: sweettoothMTL

            In my understanding in the grand scheme of things,that if you go to a restaurant for an early dinner you do not linger. ?!?

            1. re: Maximilien

              Well, by early, I mean 7-7:30. And when I say linger, I woudn't just sit there and talk, if the meal is done, but my understanding is as long as you kept ordering, even if only bottles of wine, then you should be welcome to stay. As long as you consume (considerably, I'm not talking about sipping 1 glass of wine for an hour), I think you should be welcome.

              However, if I go to a nice restaurants and I order appetizers, and main and desert and coffee, and MANY bottles of wine, and that they try and rush all that in 1h30, I'll be the one complaining I was rushed.

            2. re: sweettoothMTL

              There are two seatings -this was stated on the phone while reserving and really as soon as we sat down to eat- that we had to be a out of there by a certain time. Yes, this is customary but i'm not sure it had to be so explicitly stated (usually they can pace the meal and signal its end more appropriately, methinks). In any case, if you are 8 and want to linger then book for the second seating which is i think 8:30-9 pm+

              1. re: Arktik

                Thanks, that's what I was wondering, if they actually specified two services (which I hate, but is usually BYOW territory), or if they simply rushed you if you lingered. If it's specified, at least I know to expect it.

                1. re: sweettoothMTL

                  I called and 8 people is to large a group for them anyways, no matter the date or time, they said they don't have a table that can accomodate 8 people. Too bad, I'll have to try some other time.

          2. Went a few weeks ago, and loved it. Yes it was noisy, but not over the top imo, gave the place a nice atmostphere, but then, it's a matter of personnal preferences.The crowd was that night was very anglophone, with an age range between 25-55 for the most part.

            Food wise, everything we tried was excellent, appetizers we tried: Vitello Tonato, Calamari and meatball, bufalla and tomato salad and crispy shrimps, primi piati we tried all 3 pasta dishes offered on the menu (sweatbread raviolis, wild mushroom pasta and eggplant one) and for Secondi we tried the following: suckling pig with fennel, one of the fish dish (i think it was bass), the chicken dish.

            Don't remember all the specifics of all dishes except what i personnaly ate, but from the comments at the table, and what i tasted of the others plate, all was excellent.

            Would i recommend it, yes if you like a vibrant atmosphere and good food.

            1. Any recent reviews or report ?

              Me want to go there next week.

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              1. re: Maximilien

                We were there a few months ago - service was good, food was very good, and a very well-chosen wine list, with lots of private imports. Still noisy, but it's a fun place.