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Oct 23, 2011 02:40 PM

Looking for "LUDA" Soup Base(s) Vegetable, Chicken & Beef...Help please..........

This brand is particularly good, has no MSG (unlike Knorr) and used to be sold in Loblaws some years can't find it anywhere (except online in 5 kg tubs LOL!!!). Have any CH's seen it lately? I do use the various Campbell's Broth(s) but would like to find something more 'portable' powdered, no MSG so if if you know of anything that is similar, please post...thanks so much!

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  1. Try Bulk Barn, they may carry MSG free soup base.

    1. Haven't seen it lately, but I'd guess a shop with lots of Euro imports like Honey Bear, Yummy Market or Starsky might still stock it? Might be worth calling to check.

      I've been happy with Better than Bouillon, which is a soup base concentrate in a jar, rather than a powder. It's MSG free, and available at Whole Foods (I'm sure it's available elsewhere- I just saw it most recently at Whole Foods) in several flavours. Needs refrigeration after opening. Tastes better than most powdered bouillon imo.

      Honey Bear
      249 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2N, CA

      2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

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        Thanks 'prima' & "LouisTo"........
        Since I don't use it that often I like to keep track of the 'best before date' which kind of lets out Bulk Barn but I can try 'Whole Foods" easily enough both here and in Savannah, GA (going on Thursday). They also have a terrific store in Savannah called "Fresh Foods Market" (sort of a cross between Whole Foods & Pusateri's) if I get the chance I'll look there as well, failing that I will call "Yummy Market" on my return....appreciate your help folks....

        1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

      2. The packaging has changed, so be sure you are looking for the right item. It is in a black, metal cylindrical container.
        Good luck in your search.
        There is another great bouillon from Quebec that is also MSG free. Its called Fin Cuisine, if you know anyone traveling that way...

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          "schocked".....many thanks for the 'heads up' on the change in packaging of Luda's !

          1. re: pearlD

            I just picked up a package of "gobio" organic chicken cubes. I'm not usually a buyer of organic products, my local grocery was out of the knorr. Gotta say, I liked it! No MSG, and lists real chicken fat as an ingredient. NIce taste, but takes a while to dissolve - best to dissolve in water first.

            1. re: gttahaveit

              thanks for your suggestion..I just returned from Savannah where I had planned on looking for "LUDA" but the fates transpired and I didn't get to 'grocery' shop but have looked at other places that are suggested by the website (don't know how I missed that in my first search but apparently LUDA is sold at all sorts of places in Toronto ie: Shopper's, Longo's and a couple of other I'll try finding them at the various places the distributor's website.

        2. "shocked" is right, the packaging has changed and is now in tall black metal tins. Luda soup bases are available in Ontario at Sobey's or Longo's. It is also available on the Web at the Gluten Free Warehouse

          The manufacturer makes mostly soups and sauces for restaurant use (5kg tubs and 20kg cartons).

          Luda is not only no MSG, it is also gluten free!

          1. Just wanted to let people know in case they already didn't...Costco has the soup base concentrate Better Than Bouillon...I bought some last week.