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Oct 23, 2011 02:38 PM

Five days business trip in Las Vegas... healthy eating essential!

I know healthy and Vegas are not usually used in the same
sentence but here goes!

My husband has a business trip, he is staying at Ballys and has to keep to a healthy
eating plan due to medical problems... low carb, low fat etc
Any ideas close to Ballys, I dont want him to give up and give in to the buffet dinners!
Am telling him to get a microwave in room and stick to oatmeal for breakfast and then he
can always buy some healthfood frozen alternatives from supermarkets!
Please advise! Many thanks!!

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  1. Eating microwaved food in the room on a trip to Vegas?! Are we not Chowhounds around here? There's some world-class food to be had in Vegas! A great deal of the restaurants on the Strip will easily be able to accommodate your husband's wishes. Take a gander through the board for what looks delicious in general, and if you're worried about their not being able to accommodate just call ahead and explain what's going on. Steer clear of the steakhouses; I know they have healthier dishes on the menu, but the whole point of a Vegas Strip steakhouse is wretched excess, and just setting foot in the door is asking for trouble if you want to stay healthy.

    It may sound kind of silly, but since EVERY hotel on the Strip has a place or two open for breakfast, and I guarantee every single one of these places offers oatmeal... why not send him on a quest for the Finest Oatmeal in All the Land? It would be a lot more fun than ripping open a dreary packet of instant oats in the room. He's right on Center Strip, with several of the very nicest resorts (and therefore very nicest breakfast spots) an easy stroll away... The Henry at Cosmopolitan, Cafe Bellagio, MOzen at Mandarin Oriental to name a few. A couple that are more than a stone's throw away but worth a look for this would be Verandah at the Four Seasons inside Mandalay Bay, and my long-time favorite for old-school charm, the Peppermill coffee shop up next to the Riviera.

    The first restaurant that pops to mind for eating healthy is MOzen Bistro at Mandarin Oriental, about 10 minutes walking down the strip from Bally's. They have a good selection of both American and Asian dishes, and knowing Mandarin Oriental they'll absolutely bend over backwards to take care of any dietary requests your husband could imagine. You pay through the nose for the privilege to be sure (I dropped $30 on breakfast without even trying), but in exchange for the astronomical price tag the food is very good, and the service is truly outstanding. I'm hard pressed to name any restaurant where I've been treated better.

    I'll bet the $20.11 lunch special at Estiatorio Milos inside Cosmopolitan would work quite well, and be a good bit less of a dent in the pocketbook than MOzen. I have yet to try it, but it gets raves on here all the time.

    All that said, if you want frozen stuff that's good but still has some modicum of tastiness there's a Trader Joe's a couple miles west of the strip on Decatur a little north of Sahara.

    3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      thankyou for the reply....
      my fear would be if on the oatmeal quest he
      would find it hard to resist the lure of sizzling
      sausages and crispy bacon..... plus he is supposed
      to be working and will be at a conference most of the time

      1. re: nikibigmouth

        will send him to the Cosmopolitan!
        he was in Spokane last week and had a hard time finding decent food!

        1. re: nikibigmouth

          At the Palazzo, connected to the Venetian, is Canyon Ranch Grill which serves delicious spa type food for breakfast/lunch with calories, fat and fiber grams listed on the menu. So that would be a nice place for breakfasts/lunches. I really like the food and quiet atmosphere there. Here's the link;

          For convenience, there will be cafes and restaurants at Bally's and Paris which is connected, where your husband can get salads, soups, breakfast turkey sausage, salmon burgers, etc.

          1. re: kayoshi

            Canyon Ranch is a great idea. Is there any big hotel on the Strip that gets fewer mentions here than Bally's, Bally's does have a sushi place, but have heard nary a word about it.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              I've been to the sushi place a few times. It's in the basement by the sports book and it's decent. Nothing to write home about, but serviceable and with healthy options.

              The Burger Brasserie is immediately outside the Ballys casino (on the way to Paris) and has turkey, salmon and chicken options in the make-your-own burger category. There are some healthy options at The Sidewalk Cafe for breakfast and lunch, though your husband needs to make the right choices.

              Bellagio is directly across the street and Caesars is kitty-corner. There are a lot of food options at both places and I'm sure your husband can find healthy options there.

      2. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        Tell us more about Henry at Cosmo...what specifically is great about it? I'll be staying there soon.

        1. re: Food Tourist

          Haven't eaten there yet; I was just mentioning it as the Cosmopolitan's 24-hour restaurant. Heard good things, but everyone I know goes bonkers for Holsteins, Wicked Spoon Buffet, and the hidden pizzeria. Especially Wicked Spoon. I nearly have to call professional body rollers to get me out the door.

      3. What about the Wynn? I heard that they have an extensive vegan menu now? Will he have a car to get around? If so Chef Myra is into vegan, and health foods. I would have to look up where her operation is, but she was just featured in one of the weekly magazines.

        1. Every high-end (and most of the medium end) restaurant will accommodate requests for low carb/low fat meals.

          1. I agree with other posters that most restaurants (except perhaps high-end or specialty) have excellent options. I had breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, and would recommend it to your husband. It's right next door from Ballys. They have lovely options such as muesli, ruby grapefruit, fresh melon, thick cut oatmeal, etc. One of the ladies at my table ordered the melon and muesli, and the melon was your choice of honeydew or cantaloupe. She opted for honeydew and said it was perfectly ripe and one of the best she'd ever had. The yogurt parfait was also very good.

            I understand he may be tempted by the other items on the menu, but there's not much a person can do about that, and I would be concerned that the so-called healthy frozen options may not be that healthy anyways.

            Mon Ami Gabi
            3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

            1. I know vegan/vegetarian doesn't mean healthy, but all restaurants at the Wynn are supposed to offer a vegan & veg menu now that Steve Wynn is a vegan. I went to Bartolotta at Wynn last night with my friend (who needs to be on a vegetarian on certain days of the month for religious reasons) and we had an overall excellent meal - just ask for the vegetarian menu.