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Oct 23, 2011 11:37 AM

"Meals in Minutes"

I almost never buy cookbooks, but after watching a youtube here or there, I broke down and bought this one off of amazon. I must say, color me impressed.

I've made four of them so far, and each has turned out well. I'm looking for ways to get a real meal on the table for me (and often guests) when I get home, and if you've done your shopping and some prep in advance, these hit the spot. The directions take the guess-work out of what to do when (my timing is awful, so that's not an issue here) to get a one pot meal or a meat/veg/potato/salad/dessert on the table in good time. None are so good that they change my life, but all (so far) are good enough to enjoy and make again.

The caveat here is that if you absolutely, positively must have your food on the table in 30 minutes (instead of, say, 35 or 40, this isn't going to work. That said, if the goal is to get relatively healthy, balanced, real food on the table in an appropriate amount of time, this one's a keeper.

Anyone else have any experience with it?

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  1. *which* "Meals In Minutes" cookbook?

    Amazon shows listings for that title from the American Heart Association; Jamie Oliver; Weight Watchers; Gooseberry Patch; the American Diabetes Association; Sue Gregg...

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      Sorry, post edited. The New Jamie Oliver one. . .