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New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

The new whole foods in the Ridge Hill Shopping Center is massive and beautiful. Extremely impressed. Such an enjoyable shopping experience.

Their bulk food section is much bigger than White Plains with the welcomed addition bulk liquids such as olive oils and honey. They fill growlers in the cheese sections (5 or 6 beers on tap), their is also a section where you can make your own 6 pack.

Sorry WF White Plains, i will no longer be going to your store.

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  1. What's the parking situation like?

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      1. re: mmimran

        Thanks! Is that for an hour (like WP), or longer? How convenient is it to the store?

        1. re: Elisa515

          I think it said 90 minutes. The parking garage is connected to the store. Couldn't be more convenient.

    1. And I got some discount tickets for WF in the mail. Maybe I will go over there today to find something for dinner. I cannot wait for the Sur la Table to open in November.

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      1. re: roxlet

        I went over to the WF in Ridge Hill and I have a couple of observations that differ slightly from the OPs. One is that the parking situation is horrendous. Oh, it is free with a $10 purchase, and there are plenty of spots, but there is only one exit, and that exit was so backed up that it blocked access for the entering cars. I had to wait there for more than 5 minutes before it moved enough that I could get to the parking area. My second observation is that this WF has an extremely wonky layout that makes it very difficult to navigate. This was probably exacerbated by the fact that it was mid afternoon on a Sunday and there were many WF sightseers who were stopped in their tracks all over the place causing major pedlock. It took me a loop and a half to get near the expanded bulk section with many people just standing and staring. It will be much more convenient for me than the White Plains store and I am sure I will go there when I need items only available from WF.

        1. re: roxlet

          Whole Foods opens near Stew Leonard"s??? Please help me understand this.

          1. re: Big_Salad

            Plenty of people shop at both of those stores. I live in northern Westchester and I travel to go to each (and to TJs). I'm very happy to be able to stay along the Hudson now to get most of my food shopping done.

            Stew's and WF's aren't mutually exclusive shopping opportunities. And ask all the people who shop (for food) at both Stew's and Costco in that area.

            1. re: Elisa515

              Perhaps my sentiment is not that of the average shopper. It just seems more logical to place one of only two Westchester Whole Foods in in a better location than remote, inaccessible Ridge Hill, especially since a thriving luxury supermarket is already there. Fresh Market won't be ready for a while on 22 in Eastchester (who knows how it will compare). Costco and TJ's have their advantages but aren't really in this category. Neither is D'Agostino's, which may be closing.

              1. re: Big_Salad

                It is neither remote nor inaccessible, unless you think the Yonkers Costco or Stew Leonard is. Ridge Hill is the same exit off 87 as Stew Leonard and Costco, and it is easily reachable from the Sprain. I agree that there are many food shopping opportunities in the area, but ostensibly they will be serving what looks to be a very large population that will be living in that huge complex. God help the Bronxville train station when they begin offering shuttle service from Ridge Hill to the station in Bronxville.

                1. re: roxlet

                  As a massive store with massive crowds, Stew's reasonably chose to build on an uninhabited hill in the woods overlooking I-87. Residents near Central Ave and Boston Post Road hate the traffic enough already. Shop Rite can squeak by, but ask Ikea about their similar attempts 10 years ago. Fairway was able to grab the ex-Kmart lot by the Hutch and Bronx border with Pelham. Whole Foods should've done something like this, but I guess they're not about to close up and move because of what I think.

                  1. re: Big_Salad

                    It's a truly massive development, Whole Foods or no. I am concerned by the traffic at the train station in Bronxville when they begin to bus the Ridge Hill residents there. Why would WF choose to open at another location when the opportunity to open in a new development presented itself? Not sure I completely get your point here. Ridge Hill was built on an uninhabited hill overlooking the dump and I-87. Same deal as Stew's -- just a couple of years later!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      I'm saying that Stew Leonard's pretty much has to be in a parallel dimension to contain all the chaos, but smaller Whole Foods (60,000 ft^2 versus 110,000, half the size) can and should be closer to civilization.

                      I'm surprised the many influential folks in Bronxville couldn't divert the shuttle stop plans. Unless they're going to spread it out among a few stations.

                      1. re: Big_Salad

                        "I'm saying that Stew Leonard's pretty much has to be in a parallel dimension to contain all the chaos"
                        What does that mean?

                        1. re: roxlet

                          That they would never build one on a busy main street.

                          1. re: Big_Salad

                            Clearly you've never been to any of the other Stew Leonard's stores--all three are on busy main streets.

                            1. re: Elisa515

                              According to lower Westchester standards? I was in the original Norwalk store years ago and right by Danbury's, much more sparse around there.

                    2. re: Big_Salad

                      Not really sure what your point is either. What does the traffic on Boston Post Road and Central Avenue have to do with Stew's and Whole Foods?

                      I happen to be a fan of Stew's and Costco but there is a time and place for all of them, including Shop Rite and Trader Joe's. And Fairway is in a whole different direction.

                      To me, the more choices, the better. I still find myself going to each and every store, some more than others, but rarely do I go to Whole Foods.

                      1. re: valerie

                        I like that WF is such an improvement on the dismal supermarket scene, but it's expensive and a lot of the food looks much better than it tastes.

                      2. re: Big_Salad

                        I don't understand your comments about IKEA. They wanted to open first in Yonkers right off I-87 (great location), then in New Rochelle and were turned down in both by foolish people. Now the Westchester "location" is in Stratford, CT or Paramus, NJ, since their goal is to be no more than 45 minutes away from customers.

                        As for Whole Foods, I will wait a year or so until they open in Danbury, CT, where there won't be any parking charges.

                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          Unlike Stew's, WF can be anywhere, it's not that big (we've all discussed the many closed supermarkets just waiting for one to take over). The average IKEA can hold about 3 Stew Leonards. So I somewhat understand why massive stores are built "off to the side." I'm with you on the parking fees, but don't like IKEA.

                          1. re: Big_Salad

                            BTW, Whole Foods also chose to build the new Ridge Hill location on "an uninhabited hill in the woods" except it was overlooking the Sprain. The only problem is that the developers somehow thought they were still in White Plains and could charge people for the privilege of shopping there, and apparently WF does not have strong convictions about this since they put up with it in WP. Plus they figure they're paying for your parking if you spend enough, so what's the big deal.

                            1. re: MisterBill2

                              You, demifast, JMF, vinous, and menton are clearly correct on this topic.

                              But if someone else cares to name an exceptionally wonderful food at WF that's worth the hassle, I might give it a try.

              2. re: roxlet

                I had a totally different experience. I was there at about 830am and the store was completely empty.

                1. re: mmimran

                  I assumed that is how it will be, and when I will shop. Mid afternoon on a Sunday is to be avoided.

            2. DH, FIL and I were there this afternoon around 3pm. Major "pedlock" YES! (great word roxlet!)
              Considering this is a new parking experience I'm sure the kinks will be worked out in time.
              Things that this WF has the White Plains one does not:
              a much larger hot buffet selection--hot apple cobbler was yummy
              hot sandwich bar featuring Chicago Beef, Philly Pork, Hot Turkey (all 3 were yummy by the way)
              larger seating area

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              1. re: iluvcookies

                for Big Salad--You can take the Sprain Brook Parway South and get off at Tuckahoe Rd West, and then take a right. It's worht the trip.

                We went there Saturday afternnon and there were lots of people, but we didn't encounter any problems with service , checkout or parking.The only annoyance was when the cheese lady gave me a piece of the cheese I wanted to taste and then offered one to my husband, some unknown "gentleman" standing around the counter, said, "I'll try that", and took it out of her hand before I could open my mouth. Guess there werent' enough freebies in the
                store for his liking.

                  1. re: Maryld

                    By now I've mastered all the secret entrances to this mystical foodland but stand by my previous statement.

                1. It's always seemed to me that the jump in quality btw wf and stews doesn't justify the price difference but not sure what pricing is like for yonkers.

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                  1. re: vinouspleasure

                    I too believe that the food is fresher at Stew's and better priced. Like Whole Foods, their higher tier packaged items, A1 sauce and Mallomars for example, can be bought for far less money at a Shop Rite or Target.

                  2. Whole Foods, boo. Fairway yeah!!

                    WF soups at the soup bar are made from a package mix. BOOOO!

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                    1. re: menton1

                      That's silly, I know they have 300+ stores versus 9 for Fairway and 4 for Stews, but fresh soup isn't that costly, especially with all the other store foods prepared from scratch (I hope).

                      1. re: Big_Salad

                        It's not costly, it's time consuming. Package takes 30 seconds. WF definitely uses packaged mix to make their soups, I have had this confirmed by more than 1 person that works there now and a couple of folks that used to work at WF.

                    2. I am not paying for parking in the middle of nowhere to go to a supermarket. It's outrageous to enrich the Yonkers politicians and developers who thought we would just pay to park and shop in a mediocre marketplace where you can find the same products anywhere these days within 5 miles.

                      1. I've been to the new Whole Foods twice. I don't like Whole Foods and don't go to many, except ones like in Portland, Maine, that have local specialties. The parking lot is a nuisance to traverse, especially with a small suv. The layout inside is annoying, they have aisles down the center, and the rest is a surrounding walk around mess that can't handle even a slight crowd. The lighting is very strange and gives me a headache, it is hard to focus, and actually mad me dizzy. I do wear glasses, and the type of lighting they use throws me off completely. The second time I only went because I needed a quarter pound of juniper berries in an emergency. I bought every over priced jar in the store and was so annoyed and pissed off that I won't go again. They actually charged five times the price that is normal, and they weren't even the best quality. rant over.

                        1. I just went to the new WF in Yonkers. I try at all costs to avoid the White Plains WF, which I find completely intolerable (parking, crowds, navigation, etc), but sometimes I need something that's hard to find elsewhere. The new one in Yonkers is super convenient to two major highways in the area (the Sprain and 87). The parking lot is enormous. I guess I went at an off time (3:30ish on a weekday) but it was deserted, which was kind of creepy. There were maybe ten other cars parked. I went inside and the store was also deserted of customers. Not sure if this is an anomaly, but it was AMAZING for me! I leisurely browsed the aisles, picked out way too much cheese, and had pleasant conversations with the friendly staff. The fact that they (ostensibly) charge for parking is indeed maddening since you are literally in the middle of nowhere, but I never go to Whole Foods and spend less than $10 so I'm willing to let that slide if it means never having to go near the White Plains location again. Whole Foods will never be my regular weekly food shopping stop but for specialty foods this will definitely come in handy for me. How are the crowds at other times?

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                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                            The only time I found the store crowded and the parking difficult was the first time I went, which was mid-afternoon a Sunday in October soon after they opened. Other than that, it has been a breeze. They opened and second entrance/exit area down on the southern end, which helps matters. I am still not a huge fan of the layout of the store, but I go there for a couple of things. One is the sourdough boule, which I have them slice an we have as toast, and the other is the Valrhona feves, which are my son's favorite snacks.

                            1. re: roxlet

                              I wonder how fresh the inventory can be when it's always empty? Not that I mind, or will go to this location as it is an anchor to the Ridge Hill land grab. The bribery trial that converted the swing vote in the City Council of Yonker to allow the development ,is in progress right now.

                              1. re: moreeatsathome

                                I wondered the same thing about freshness. I can't see how there's much turnover with the perishable products if they're not attracting the crowds the WP location does. For example, I picked up some camembert and I forgot to check the date before buying it. When I got home I saw that the date said best by 3/12/12 (yesterday, the day I bought it). Guess I'll be mainlining the $8.50 camembert today. So make sure you check dates...

                                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                  Drop them a note through the website. I bet they'll do something for you.

                          2. I love ridge hill, always empty, who knows how it will be once it catches on but for now ill enjoy an empty movie theater on a new release, with free parking and food discounts all day long, and i travel there from upper westchester and its worth it, cant wait to check in to WF!

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                            1. re: ryanallday

                              ryan - you can get free parking at RH? Food discounts too? Please fill us in!!

                              1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                at the movie theater you can! but yes even at WF's you can get free parking

                                1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                  If you spend $10 or more at WF you can get 90 mins free parking. They validate the parking card at the register.
                                  WF gave out out tons of coupons when the first opened for free stuff (I got a loaf of bread and a cupcake). The place gets pretty crowded on the weekends, and I'm sure once all the shops open it will be bustling. I was at RH last week and the movie was sold out, Yard House was 90% full. Line at Cheesecake Factory (why? I don't know I can't stand the place myself)

                              2. I shop every two weeks at WFM in WP or Ridge Hill. More recently at Ridge Hill because I use on the street parking and never pay a dime since I have never seen those Yonkers parking agents ever. I mean there are all those meters there and no one watching them? I've been to about 12 WFM England, US, Canada and PR. Each one has a specialty except in Ridge Hill. As for taking back foods my friend had a pie in her freezer for 2 years and they took it back no questions asked. Sunday is Easter and we'll be going for handmade fresh kielbasa and pierogi from the Yonkers Miasarnia, 39 Lockwood Avenue, Yonkers but everything else will be from WFM

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                                1. re: Daichu

                                  Good luck with them not giving you a ticket for parking on the street, but maybe others (like people who work there) have figured that out and it's why the spots are so busy. I have only been to WF Ridge Hill once, but given that they validate at $10, it's not a big deal to park in the lot and get free parking.

                                  1. re: Daichu

                                    The times I've been there, I have seen a parking agent patrolling the area and giving out tickets. He was driving a stand-up two-wheel scooter. On a side note - who would have the nerve to take back a pie that's been in their freezer for two years and expect a refund?

                                    1. re: fragnet

                                      You mean a Segway ("stand-up two-wheel scooter")?

                                      1. re: foodiemom10583

                                        No they aren't segways. They are T3 Series electric standup vehicles with two large wheels in front and one small one in the rear. Lots of cops and security are using them around the country and world.

                                        1. re: JMF

                                          OK, thanks. Then they aren't 2 wheel scooters, either, they're 3 wheel.

                                      2. re: fragnet

                                        I don't think they are cops at ridge Hill, but security officers, and they aren't giving out tickets. I am there several times a week for WestMed and have never seen police, just security.

                                      3. re: Daichu

                                        Unless you're spending less that $10, is there another reason you would park on the street?

                                        1. re: Daichu

                                          "As for taking back foods my friend had a pie in her freezer for 2 years and they took it back no questions asked. " Something to brag about with friends....pathetic.

                                          1. re: cstumiller

                                            Are they still validating parking. The last time i was there i was told that was a temporary promotional thing.

                                            1. re: FillMyTummy

                                              That's the first I've heard that it is just temporary. I think it's pretty obvious that someone would have posted here if they were no longer validating.

                                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                                Not all stores/restaurants validate--so be aware of that. For example, Cheesecake Factory validates and Yard House does not--much to my annoyance--too many good Westchester restaurants to go to that are not chains to have to fork over money for parking. Dicks only validates for a half hour--no matter how much you spend--which is ridiculous--it should not be a time thing. So check with each store/restaurant.

                                                1. re: chloe4ever

                                                  I never said that everyone validates -- it is the exception rather than the rule. Sur La Table doesn't, and they've heard lots of complaints about it. Cheesecake Factory does but the combined time of your wait and meal may very well exceed their allowance and then you have to pay the entire $3.25. And I complained about the parking thing to Yard House when we ate there. They'd also heard it from several people. I saw that Bonefish Grill is opening their first Westchester location there, will be interesting to see if they validate. Does the Brazilian place?

                                                  1. re: MisterBill2

                                                    Never said that you said that everyone validates (who's on first.......) Just trying to provide helpful info for the people who asked. I also complained to Yard House and they said, "We are working on it"......so take that for what it's worth. Not sure about the Brazilian place. I think the whole paying for parking thing sucks--like I mentioned, there are way too many good places in Westchester where you don't have to pay--Westchester is not filled with these type of "developments" anyway--like other cities/states are-- I don't think people around here will take too well to the concept--thus, all the complaints these business have received.

                                                    1. re: chloe4ever

                                                      FWIW, when we questioned the pay-for-parking business (in LL Bean), we were told the development didn't want to become a hangout for idle teens and figured charging for parking would prevent that.

                                                      1. re: Westjanie

                                                        Hmm. 5 or 6 kids in a car, about 70 cents each. I don't see that stopping any idle kids who want to hang out. I think that's the charge for 6 hours.

                                                        1. re: Westjanie

                                                          I don't believe that. I am fairly sure the reason they charge for parking is that there is going to be a residential portion to the complex, and they do not want the people who live there to be able to park for free. Also, they have another company running the lot, so they are doing it to make more money (maybe to collect what they had to pay to the Yonkers politicians to get it approved).

                                                          BTW if someone figures out if Lord & Taylor (opening today) validates, please post. I'd go to the RH Facebook page but they're probably tired of my complaining about the parking charges. Also, there are a surprising number of people who post there who have no problem paying for parking.