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Substitute for stout in brisket recipe

i plan to make beer-braised brisket later on today and the recipe calls for a bottle of stout, though the notes say you can use any beer. I'm not much of a beer drinker and don't like heavy ones at all. In my fridge I've got pilsener (Warsteiner), Spaten Doppelbock, and Bell's Oberon ale ( a summer ale). Any suggestions or recommendations? I'm in Indiana, so I'm not going to buy anything else (Sunday sales are limited to locations where brewing actually takes place).

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  1. Use whatever you like. It really won't make much difference

    1. You can also use a can of cola.

      1. If those were my choices, I'd use the pilsner or the summer ale. My go-to brisket recipe uses a combination of beer and bottled chili sauce. I typically use a good quality ale. I've tried stout and don't think it made that much of a difference. What I would NOT use is anything called "lite" beer.

        1. I would use the one you like to drink the least and add coffee - maybe 2/3 beer, 1/3 coffee.

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          1. ...or the one you drink and 1/3 Dr. pepper. Or just forget all the wet stuff, use a dry rub, and smoke it 14 hours on very low heat with pecan. Don't use sauce when you serve it.

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              In other words, instead of going out to buy a $3 bottle of stout, go buy a $100 smoker, and $3 bag of pecan chips?

            2. I, too would use the Pilsener and avoid any kind of lite beer. If you want to add more moisture, try some beef stock.

              1. Any will do, but the Dopplebock is probably closest to a stout.

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                1. As stated above either of the beers you have on hand will be fine.
                  I would skip anything that is sweet i.e.: soft drinks. All that corn syrupy sweetness would really change the dish.
                  Personally I would cook with the Bell's and drink the the Dopplebock while it braised ( - :

                  1. Thanks, all. I opted for the Bell's. Result was a success!