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Oct 23, 2011 03:43 AM

one night in Manchester

Hey Im going to be in Manchester just one night , Im looking for something fantastic, budget is not an issue, i want fine dining, the best to offer... i have tried the following restos:
Shimla Pinks
An Indian restaurants on the river near the Lowry hotel, i think East z east

is there something else you recommend or which of these would you go back to?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Assuming you want "the best" in the city centre, then there are really only three places - the Michael Caines restaurant at the Abode Hotel, the Second Floor restaurant at Harvey Nicholls and the "French" at the Midland Hotel. The latter is classic, opulent and would be my choice every time.

    As for the three you mention, Shimla Pinks closed some time ago. Wings is OK by way of Cantonese but better is the appropriately named Glamorous (just north of the Northern Quarter on Oldham Road). EastzEast Is good - I prefer the original branch on Princess Street to the one near the Lowry - it vies with Akbars for my custom for Indian food in the city centre. I wouldnt regard any as "fine dining" (although that's a phrase I generally don't use as it can mean very different things to different people).

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      I'll add, with some hesitation, the River Restaurant at the Lowry. In spite of the obvious pitfalls of designation, it ticks the boxes for what I suspect most folk would describe as "fine dining". There's a new chef.

      The hesitation in mentioning it is that I have had mixed experiences here over the last couple of years or so. The last meal, in July 2010, was very disappointing with poor service and none too clever food as well. Perhaps the change in chef makes it worth another punt. Or perhaps not.

    2. I have a version of this question. I'll be in Manchester for a weekend and I want the best food experience that Manchester has to offer, where best does not necessarily imply high end, just a really good example of the cuisine. So i'm interested in recommendations at all price points. I'll stay somewhere central, and any recommendation out of the city centre would have to be accessible by public transport. Thanks!

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        I regularly post reviews of my meals in the city and surrounding area (up to a 60 minute drive from North Cheshire) and you may find you wish to use the search facility to find them. You'll then be able to assess if they hit your idea of being good examples of the cuisine.

        If you are looking for something quintessentially Manchester, then you'd probably be talking about a visit to the "Curry Mile" just south of the city centre in the Rusholme district. But you are not going to find particularly good quality south asian food - but you are going to find a large concentration of the "any protein with any sauce" type of high street curry house. We're very proud of the Curry Mile in spite of the fact the food's shite and I'd always suggest an evening there to visitors to the metro area.

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          I think i'll give curry mile a miss. I feel sorry that many people don't eat very well, but I have no intention of becoming one of those people and I'm not in manchester to go jeer at the natives.

          I have been reading reviews, and I have formulated the opinion that akhbar's is probably a great place to go. But it's not always obvious whether restaurants are central and, more importantly, I'm after comparative information, which is not always easy to infer from stand alone reviews.

          So any mancunions, or regular Manchester hounds, please tell me what you think the jewels in the crown of manchester's dining scene are!

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            Best of luck in your search for comparitive information

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              I like Akbar's, but East z East pips it in my opinion. And of the two, the branch on Princess St has the slight edge.

              But it would be a terrible shame not to take the tram up to Aumbry.

              Alchemist for cocktails (new one just behind Piccadilly Gardens).

              I'm sure somebody else can recommend Chinatown places. I like Ban di Bul (Korean) and there's lots of people like Yuzu.

              Outside of town, take the bus to West Didsbury's Burton Road for The Lime Tree, Rose Garden, or a few other places that aren't at all bad.