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Oct 22, 2011 11:51 PM

New Year's in Venice (HAVE A QUESTION?)


I will be in Venice for New Year's and am looking for a place to have dinner for one.
Main criteria is great food.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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  1. New Year's Day or New Year's Eve?

    Do you have a budget?

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    1. re: barberinibee


      If the food is worth it I'm willing to pay but have no idea what is reasonable for NY's. Not really looking for mass produced food or a big party place. NY is an expensive night out anywhere and its Venice :) Would prefer to be somewhere nearish to the Piazza San Marco to get there for around 11:00 pm.

      Thank you.

      1. re: canuk68

        Since you say you want to be in Piazza San Marco by around 11 pm, you presumably mean New Year's Eve. You'll have to look for a restaurant *without* a set menu, since restaurants with set menus plan the dinners to end with a toast (generally followed by lentils and sausage for good luck) at midnight.

        I suggest you click on the link below (Ristorante Quadri is on Piazza San Marco) and then on Browse nearby. Many of the restaurants are linked to discussions, and you can ask about the ones that interest you. Then, much nearer to the date, you can contact restaurants to ask whether they will have a set, fixed-price menu or an a la carte one.

        Ristorante Quadri
        Piazza San Marco, 121, Venice, Veneto 30124, IT

        1. re: zerlina

          thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post, much appreciated.

    2. Below is a link to a post on last's years New Years Eve in Venice.
      I have not been in Venice for the New Year, therefore, have have no experience with that night. And my Venetian friends tend to stay in and save their euros.
      Since you did not clarified if your post is for New Years Eve or New Years day, assume it is for the former. For the eve, most high profile places, including most of what one consider serving good food, will have a special prix menu with a premium added for the occasion, similar to NYC. It will have a single seating and as Zerlina stated in her earlier post, probably go beyond your 11pm San Marco curfew. Also getting a reservation for one for that night will be difficult. My advice is skip the occasion get, something simple to eat for that evening. Since it is on Saturday, almost all places will be open. Not many good places around San Marco; check out Vino Vino, Al Bacareta, Aciugheta, the bacari Cavatappi and Alla Mascareta, Trattoria da Fiore (not the 'famous' osteria in San Polo). None are earth shattering for food but it will be simple, good, relatively inexpensive and comfortable for a single diner. Venice is compact and there are many good places a little further out.

      Trattoria da Fiore
      Sestiere San Marco,3461, Venice, Veneto 30100, IT

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      1. re: PBSF

        Ive also not been in Venice for New Years, but only christmas Eve and the week thereafter in Millenium year (1999). Venice is pretty quiet at that time of year without hordes of tourists. Unless you want a very high-tier restaurant experience like at Quadri) you might be happier at one of the more local restaurants in the outer Sestieri, Dorsoduro or Cannareggio, or farther out Castello. Then you can stroll over to the Piazza close to the midnight hour. There are lots of small places (I always think of Anice Stellato but there have been many others which have been discussed here( where you may be happier having a solo meal than in a more formal restaurant.

        Anice Stellato
        Cannaregio, 3272, Venezia , IT

        1. re: jen kalb

          I am wondering if Venice now sees more tourists around New Year's Eve than it formerly did, and therefore eating somewhere in the neighborhood of piazza San Marco might be prudent. The alleys that feed into San Marco are bottle-neck narrow, and I would think that if there are large numbers of people in Venice, the great majority of them would start converging on the piazza after a certain time in order to watch the fireworks.

          Were it me traveling alone, I think I would hang out eating at bacari, for the sociability, plus hoping they'd be offering some special treats for the occasion.

          1. re: barberinibee

            Venice does now attract crowds to the New Year's Eve event in Piazza San Marco that goes under the name Love, a great many of them young people from the mainland. I would expect crowds along the Ferrovia-Rialto-San Marco route, but much less so from other directions, such as from Dorsoduro (Accademia bridge) or Castello.

            1. re: zerlina

              those main marked routes from the ferrovia can be miserable at any time - its always good to navigate more indirectly if possible. and espeically avoiding tthe passagesfrom the Rialto into the Piazza.

          2. re: jen kalb

            Thanks Jen. Aprpeciate you taking the time to respond to my query. Very helpful info!

        2. Hi Canuk68,

          Not sure if you have seen my post for NYE in Venice, but someone pointed me here when I first wrote, so I thought I would share my recent findings:

          I just found out prices for 3 places. Al Covo told me to check back in a few days for the menu to be up on their website. Promessi Spossi will email the menu to you amazingly enough. Although, I will believe it when I see it. Oh, I forgot to write on my thread, that Osteria Da Rioba will close after the 30th for the rest of the holiday. So if you want to go there, must go before.


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          1. re: nyc2italia

            thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Hope you and your BF have a fab time!

            1. re: canuk68

              A number of years ago I was in Venice for the Christmas-New Year week, On New Year's Eve we celebrated at Harry's Bar. It was a set menu at the late seating dinner, which ended at midnight, and required a black tie ensemble. It was a fantastic evening, costing well over $1000 for the two of us, of course, we had a bottle of champagne. We also each received gifts, ties, an Il mio Harry's Bar DVD, and a book.

              1. re: toitoi

                Hi toitoi,

                Great thank you for the recommendation. sounds like a great place to be! Appreicate you taking the time to write.


            2. re: nyc2italia

              Great thanks nyc2italia for your reply, much appreciated. Happy 2012 to you!