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Cooking for 2, and plating

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Since it's only my husband & myself I will plate our food in the kitchen rather than using serving dishes. But no matter how simple, or complex the food I always make the effort to be artful in it's presentation. Just wondering how important plating is to you.

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  1. Plating matters a lot to me, too. I don't fuss too much, but I do aim to dish the food out in an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

    And I'm big on plain, white plates. :)

    1. I do the same thing. I like the plate I place on the table to look aesthetically pleasing. Also, it encourages me to use multiple colors and textures. I like slicing onions into crescents, and carrots into ovals, and celery into cut little Us, because it makes the dish so appealing. And each plate is arranged identically. I place them on the table and often hear from Mr. Sueatmo, "This looks wonderful!"

      Ed. I just noted the comment from ipc. We have decorated plates, and I use red placemats. But food looks awfully good on them to me.

      1. It depends upon the meal. There are just two of us, so I have pairs of plates, most in shades of green, that are used at dinner. Last night was polenta with sausage, tomato sauce and rabi so that was plated at the stove. The night before was baked pasta so the gratin dish was placed on the table. Making sure the food is hot is most important to me.

        1. I agree; a little care and imagination with plating can go a long way towards elevating a meal. It doesn't need to be modern art, but why not go the extra distance to make it look great?

          I'm with inaplasticcup on the subject of white plates- it's the blank canvas effect. Things just seem to look better.

          Another thing I go for regularly is serving on warmed plates. Small touches sometimes seem to make a difference beyond all proportion.

          1. Generally, we use serving dishes for the two of us. I'm happy to have artful plates when at a restaurant but, at home, I couldnt care less.

            1. I don't like the extra dirty dishes so we tend to plate in the kitchen. And it's a better way to control portions. But when it is more than just us then we use serving dishes.

              1. Same here. Dinner for two adults every night, and plating is important. colors and presentation, make the dish seem more appealing. I don't get too carried away with garnishes, but I always think presentation. I have two toddlers who LOVE my plating. Interesting sandwich shapes are easy, fun things with fruit. i have fun with it too.

                1. I always plate when it's a small number of people. Only when it's a large group do I do the whole serving dish thing. I artfully arrange the food on the plate so as to be most aesthetically pleasing, as iapc (and others) do(es). I also use plain white plates, for better color contrast. I always cook food that has a myriad of colors, and they tend to "pop" better on the blank canvas of the white plates.