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Oct 22, 2011 08:37 PM

BonMi to open Mon. at 19th and K

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  1. I tried it today. I think all the sandwich components were really good and fresh, nice spice to the mayo (I opted for the spicy version). There are lots of meat options, and I tried the garlic lemongrass chicken. It was good, but apparently they cook everything sous vide, and for some reason my chicken looked pink. It tasted cooked but visually, this was not very appealing. Frankly, the whole setup could be more visually appealing. All the meats are sitting in these puddles of greasy liquid...they taste good, but not so pretty.
    They also do some salad versions, and summer rolls. And healthy date-based "bars."
    I would certainly return if in the neighborhood on a weekday.
    Bonmi, open up over in U Street!

    U Street Cafe
    1301 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

    1. Ooooo this is right near my office! I'll have to check it out. Interesting spelling for the restaurant though....

      1. I went here Tuesday, and the verdict: Only OK. Although I always do this to myself - Going to a new place RIGHT when it opens, not giving it time to work out the Kinks - So I will give it another try at a later date.

        I had the Pork Meatball sandwich - The meatballs were fine, as well as the veggies, though nothing was really memorable. The biggest disappointment was the bread, it didn't taste quite fresh - And with a Bahn Mi, the bread is especially important.

        I also got a Chicken Summer Roll that was the worst summer roll I have ever eaten - First of all, it was rolled very loosely, not a tight cylinder like I am used to - So picking it up by hand is somewhat of a challenge, as is dipping it in the peanut sauce - And there was almost no flavor - Nothing like a real summer roll. The textures were all screwed up, with some of the noodles very slimy and something else too chewy. I didn't see any fresh Mint and honestly don't remember any carrots being in there, but I may have just missed them in the whole BLAH-ness of the roll.