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Oct 22, 2011 08:00 PM

Thanksgiving dinner/ takeout Amelia island or Fernindina

Renting condo and need suggestions for catered Thanksgiving dinner or kid friendly restaurant.
We are fans of Merge, but can't find website & 29 South seems closed.

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  1. We had dinner at Merge on Friday. Here's their phone #: (904) 277-8797. 29South remains very busy. Here's the link: I would be surprised if either was open for Thanksgiving.

    I think Beech Street has Tday dinner buffet. I think its $45 plus tip tax.

    I recommend you call Brian & Melanie at Lulu's. Their food is the best on the island and they may be doing Tday for a limited number. (904) 432-8394

    Publix does a pretty nice job for a very reasonable price. And of course there is always the Ritz.

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      Lulu's will not be open on Turkey day.