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Oct 22, 2011 07:53 PM

Quick early dinner near Lahey Peabody?

Next month I will be having outpatient surgery there on a midweek afternoon. The friend who will be driving me there has to take a half day off work so I want to treat her to an early dinner. I haven't been in that area for years. I know the Malls are close by. We will be heading south on 128, then north on 93. My friend is not a very adventurous eater so something like the Cheesecake Factory or Legal SF would probably appeal to her but my other criterion is that we'll need to get in and out fairly quickly. She has a long drive home and I will still have anesthesia in my system so ideally we would like the meal to take not longer than an hour.

Any recommendations, or places to steer clear of?

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  1. Good luck with your procedure. I should think wherever you go, if it's early enough, you'll have no problem. You can also mention to the host, and the server that you're under a time constraint. IME, they are quite accommodating.

    1. Those particular restaurants in the North Shore Mall fill up pretty quickly...but midweek in early afternoon you should be fine. If you go to either..I would do call ahead seating..
      I think you will have a better chance of getting a decent meal quickly at Joe's American Bar and Grill..also located in the North Shore Mall..I have always had good luck here.

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      1. re: BlueMagic

        Thanks for the heads up. I will be leaving the hosp at 5-6pm so call-ahead it is. I will not patronize any places owned by Back Bay Restaurant Group so that does rule out Joe's.

        1. re: greygarious

          Sylvan Street Grille has a great early bird special with good chowder or salad, meal and dessert and so does Century house if you dont mind real New England old fashioned with an older crowd. Traditional pecan rolls, bean dip etc. and 3 course early bird. Also Grassfields is decent for seafood and I assume steaks. For really fast you could go to SeaWitch which you order at the counter and they bring it. Excellent seafood, but very very plain atmosphere and very basic sides. Lots of people go for the lobster but i havent personally had it. Great swordfish Also Calitris for Italian on Rte 1 tends to be quieter than most places but still good homemade food. Also, a lot of people like Su Chang for Chinese. Best of luck with surgery..If you want extremely fast and very casual, you could always try Tennesse BBQ. Ask others here, since I dont eat meat I only know the sides

          Sylvan Street Grille
          12 Sylvan St, Peabody, MA 01960

          1. re: chompie

            I would also suggest Century House on 114. We always dine on the lounge side, so I can't speak about the dining room. The lounge can be a little dark (which may be welcome after a procedure), but always comfortable. Good steaks & comfort foods, and never a long wait.

            Sylvan Street would also be a good option, especially early evening on a weekday.

            1. re: chompie

              The service at Sylvan Street is terrible..and the food is awful..with the exception of the bar food /appetizers.
              I thought of the Century House but the OP needs to be in and out in an hour..with traffic on 114 heading to the Century House ..especially at that time of day..that will be tough to do..ditto with Grassfields..even though I would opt for either one of these restaurants over anything in the Mall.
              Su Chang is a good suggestion and as close as the mall..if you're in the mood for Chinese.

            2. re: greygarious

              Legal Sea Foods at the North Shore Mall has the advantage that you don't have to go out on the street to get there from the Lahey - the mall access road is adjacent. (Traffic in that area can be quite bad at 5 - 6 PM.)
              And, after having had bad experiences at the Legal at both Burlington and Chestnut Hill, I'm still happy with the NS Mall branch.

          2. If you stay on rt 114, in N. Andover, before you get to 495/93, there's a Fudd Ruckers, Bertuccci's and a Panera, nothing great but OK and quick. Personally, I'd opt for eating at the Tavern, old school style, at The Century House on rt114, great burger and sammies.

            Century House Restaurant
            235 Andover St, Peabody, MA 01960

            1. Hi grey,

              Good luck with your procedure. Just a couple of ideas for you. The traffic on week nights on 128 South is usually pretty backed up at that time of night. I would want to head away from Peabody quickly. I don't know where you are heading, but you said South, so if you stay on 128 So., for a mere 15 minutes, you could be around the Stoneham area. Woburn too. In Woburn: Tuda Na Brasa is a Brazilian BBQ that has great food, no atmosphere though. Tanner Tavern has a good rep, but I haven't been. TreMonte is an all time favorite Italian spot of mine, medium priced, nice atmosphere. Their pork chop dish is heavenly, as is their potato gratin. Most everything is excellent there. In Stoneham, Angelo's is great too. They have two sides, expensive and pizza place, but you can get a great Italian meal there. If you want a real (expensive) dinner, sit on the restaurant side. It's owned by a local Italian family and they are great. I also go to Three Amigo's, for Mexican. Local family owned, no atmosphere, but good food. Another one is Kyota Japanese on Montvale in Stoneham, and Rang Indian Bistro on Main Street. All of the places in Stoneham are about 5 minutes off of 128, so is Oye in Reading. The places in Woburn are an extra 5 minute drive, right down Montvale Ave.

              Oh and if you are really set on staying in Peabody, there is Petrillo's and Su Changs.

              Again, good luck with your procedure. :)

              Three Amigos
              125 Main St Ste 4, Stoneham, MA 02180

              Tanner Tavern
              428 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801

              Rang Indian Restaurant
              5 Central Sq, Stoneham, MA 02180

              1. Apologies for forgetting to report that we went to Century House and had very prompt service. The food was ample, and the desserts house-made, which was nice. We got there around 5, entering against the outgoing flow of canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. Apparently the named the place for the clientele ;-P.... But seriously, folks, it was fine. The dining room was a little dark, too, but it was dark and rainy out, and I had a patch over one eye so my perception may not have been accurate. We split the potato skin appetizer, which I would not order again. Very little potato had been scooped out, so they were too thick, more like wedges than skins. There was a melted cheese sauce for dipping, rather than sour cream and chives, and in restrospect I realize that the cool of sour cream playing against the hot, crisp spud is what MAKES this appetizer. I took home most of my calamari platter, and my friend's French dip was generous, too. I would not mind going back there, but neither would I go out of my way to return. The weather, traffic, and my residual grogginess kept us from exploring the adjacent Epicurean Shoppe.