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Oct 22, 2011 05:32 PM

Gumbo/Red beans & rice/Ribs/Tri-Tip at Berkeley Flea Market

Daughter came out at Ashby Bart to meet me today at Berkeley Bowl and saw in Flea Market (not Farmers' Market) a guy with a stand selling bbq and Cajun/Creole. For $5 she got a nice serving of vegetarian red beans and rice and a hunk of cornbread. She didn't note all the offerings but said several African-American ladies were waxing poetic about the gumbo.

I plan to try next Saturday if I remember. Something that is doubtful.

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  1. Berkeley Flea Market
    1937 Ashby Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94703-2505

    I keep erasing links to the flea market in San Jose, not the one in the Ashby Bart station, but they keep popping up.

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      Berkeley Flea Market
      Ashby BART, Berkeley, CA 94703