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Oct 22, 2011 04:36 PM

Perfect Roast Chicken

I am on a search for the absolute perfect roast chicken. I love the many ways I roast them but I seek something I have not yet perfected. This will take some time. A restaurant that is approx. 30 miles away came close. The bird was semi boneless, the skin was crisp and lightly coated with a few herbs, mostly rosemary. It was slightly salty, lemony, juicy and delicious. This has become a bit of a grail quest for me. i love the winter because cold weather is the right excuse to have the oven going. I am going to start with a fresh bird from the local poultry farm. I like to brine them before baking. Time to have my very own test kitchen. Any ideas?

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  1. I very much doubt there is more to be said on the subject:

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      Yes, it is beating a dead horse. Kind of like writing another book about Tuscany. But the most simple dish can be the hardest to reproduce, for me anyway. I can see what I want, just cant touch it.

    2. this is my favorite:

      you could probably add lemon at the end, to not disturb the heavenly crispy skin.

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        I *just* made this roast chicken/recipe tonight after searching for recommendations on chowhound. Turned out beautiful and was remarkably easy to make. Just used a large saute pan, salt, and pepper as the resume suggests.

      2. Best I ever made or ate, I followed Julia Child's recipe to the T. Leftovers made the best sandwiches.

          1. Whatever technique you end up using (I'm partial to Julia's myself), I've found the two most important factors in making a perfect roast chicken are thoroughly drying the chicken, and letting the chicken come to room temperature before roasting.

            (the usual caveats about room temp meat / food safety apply; I've done probably 100 chickens in the last 15 years and have never gotten sick, nonetheless don't call me if *you* do :) )