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Oct 22, 2011 04:27 PM

Difference between icing sugar and powder sugar

Hello friends! I just came across something in a recipe that I never knew there was any difference in. This recipe calls for both icing sugar and powder sugar. Can any of you share with me what the difference between these two is and where I might be able to find icing sugar in the SFV? I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Icing sugar, confectioners sugar and powdered sugar are all the same. FWIW, I believe that we add a bit of corn starch to this type of sugar in the U.S. Whereas they don't do so in France.

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Thanks Bob. This is great information. I found this recipe on a french site and the recipe is of course in french. But after I translated it I realized that it listed both of these ingredients. I always thought them to be the same but never knew about the cornstarch. Thanks again for your help.

      2. I think they are the same thing, but the Brits use the term icing sugar and usually European recipes use the British term. Note though that American powdered sugar often has corn starch added so check the package.

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        1. re: JudiAU

          Yes this recipe is from a French site and it listed the two ingredients as if they were two different things. I always thought them to be the same so your reply makes me feel much better. Thank you.

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            If the recipe was in fact french I suggest posting on Home Cooking. The term might be better translated as our superfine sugar which is more common in French baking. The correct sub would then be superfine if you can find it, and regular white sugar if you cannot.

        2. well actually i had the same question and i searched it up and the answer is that they r all the same powdered sugar cane sugar icing sugar

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            I just used some powdered sugar that was not soft, not sure if it was older or dried out. Mixed into a cream cheese frosting fine though.

          2. SIFT the powdered sugar - frosting comes out GREAT!

            1. Just wanted to throw in a very late remark on this thread.
              In Britain, there are three "grades" of coarseness of sugar. They are, going from the coarsest to the finest: Granulated sugar (doesn't exist or isn't used much in France), caster sugar (Sucre en poudre in France), and icing sugar (Sucre glace in France). My guess is that, in this recipe "sucre en poudre" has been wrongly translated as "powder sugar" (if powder sugar for you Americans means "powdered sugar" or "superfine sugar", which is what we Brits call "icing sugar". As a translator, I feel all the confusion very likely stems from a translation cock-up.