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Oct 22, 2011 03:18 PM

Breakfast at Tonny's

It's been so long since I've been here, ridiculous considering that I could easily walk there. And after my breakfast this morning I probably should have walked!

A musician friend from Nashville camps out in the Guest Suite whenever he's in town for a gig, and this morning he was up for eating out somewhere. He'd tried to go to Tonny's last night, on my recommendation, but couldn't figure out the parking because (turns out) someone had parked in front of the sign, so we decided to go there, without Mrs. O who had a project. This guy is mostly vegetarian, though eggs and cheese are okay, and he got the Huevos Mexicano, scrambled with onions and peppers. Believe it or not I'd never had chilequiles, and the Chilequiles con Huevos looked like a very good idea, especially with the salsa verde and guacamole, glass of Jamaica on the side. It took a while for the crew to churn the stuff out - the joint was pretty full - but it was well worth the wait.

With rice and beans as usual, this was one stacked plate. The well-sauced tortilla pieces occupied fully half of it, and when I slid the over-easy eggs onto the top I had probably the biggest breakfast plate I've gotten since my CFS at Temecula's Swing Inn. Everything was scalding hot, as it should be, and the real heat from the salsa added to the excitement. The flavors melded sharp, rich, vegetal, meaty and spicy-herbal into a wide variety of combinations that seemed to change with each bite. It was pain that kept me from inhaling everything, and I was grateful for it. I think this is the first time I've found a non-Midwestern or non-Southern breakfast ranking at the very top, but this was close to the best if not the best I can remember. And with a very generous tip we split an $18 tab.

Got to do THAT again!

Tonny's Restaurant
843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

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  1. I love Tonny's, in fact I had lunch there yesterday. The ladies are so friendly, and the food is great. I like their salsa verde very much, and the chile verde is a real treat. Yesterday I wasn't very hungry so I got a simple carnitas tostada. It's not much food, but full of flavor. I put a little of the salsa verde on top and yum yum. Very porky carnitas. I've had lots of dishes over the years, and never had one I didn't like. This is a treasure.

    Tonny's Restaurant
    843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

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    1. re: lil mikey

      I love Tonny's as well. I've tried a few things...shrimp tacos, chilaquiles, but I always come back to the carnitas in handmade tortillas. Really nice with their salsa verde and a sandia agua fresca (it's just watermelon juiced with ice and sugar - why is this so delicious?)

      So we have this running joke about how to pronounce the name. Tunny's? Tone - y's? Tawny's? Maybe I don't really want to know and have the mystery continue. We could call on the phone and see what they say. But they might just say, "hello?"

      Tonny's Restaurant
      843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

      1. re: khh1138

        Mrs. O has an established love of whatever form of goat they're cooking.

        When we mention it to anyone, we pronounce it by sorta splitting the difference between "Tony's" and "Tahny's", and hoping for the best …

    2. Okay - this sounds WAY good.

      Os there a link for the menu somewhere, so I can get an idea of the prices, etc.? Two meals (and drinks?) for $18 seems like a happy dream, maybe I need to see it in print to believe it : ) (Can you tell I used to live on the Westside?!)

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        1. re: Jack Flash

          Note that this menu is probably a few years old. My menu is from last year, and the prices are higher than the scanned one. Besides the prices, I don't think there are any significant changes.

          (They've added a juice called "vampiro". Web sources says a vampiro contains beets, orange juice, and carrots. Definitely have to try that one!)

          1. re: Peripatetic

            That Vampiro sounds like a drink I was just reading about yesterday. Beets, carrots and water blended into a drink cleans out the liver. Hell, if I can get it somewhere that will make it for me (the added OJ probably makes it more delicious anyway) I am there! Thanks!

          2. re: Jack Flash

            Jack -

            Thanks for the menu.

            But you've created a problem.

            It looks so good I wanna go NOW! : )

            Anyway, thank you, thank you, the menu is very helpful.

            (But I still want to go now...)

          3. re: happybaker

            The chilaquiles con huevos (sorry I misspelled them in my post) were listed for $6-something, which pencils out to probably the most good food you can buy for under $7. The Huevos Mexicanos were the same price. With tax, the two dishes and a jamaica were $15.68.

          4. Thanks for reminding me I should try Tonny's for breakfast. I once had their breakfast burrito for dinner, but it found it to be bland and forgettable. I think they must have a different cook in the morning and in the evening -- they're open from 7am to 10pm after all -- and maybe the morning cook does a better breakfast burrito.

            Their chile verde is outstanding, but I've found other items can be hit-or-miss. Unfortunately their regular tacos are mostly miss. These days we go mostly for the chile verde and aguas frescas.

            1. One of the few places where I actually get juice. The beet juice is very good.

              Everything else just sort of makes me oily all over. Good stuff, but greasy greasy greasy.

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                My wife loves the beet juice -- she gets it every time we go They do a very decent horchata, too.

              2. Hi Will. I don't remember being crazy in love with their chilaquiles. However, I love their Posole and chile verde. YUM! For breakfast, their bacon tastes weird to me (unlike the delicious bacon at The Monrovian or the heavenly thick-cut version at Grizzly Manor in Big Bear that rocks my world!!).
                I always get my chilaquiles with the eggs over easy on top and have them add chorizo when they are mixing the chips with the sauce. Will, if you want to try the best version of chilaquiles that I have found yet, go to El Matador on Irwindale between the 210 and Arrow Hwy. I get it with the red sauce. Hard to find better. If you wanna meet there one day, let me know! ;-)

                Grizzly Manor Cafe
                41268 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

                El Matador Restaurant
                5312 Irwindale Ave Ste 1D, Baldwin Park, CA 91706