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Oct 22, 2011 03:17 PM

Brunch at Public

On the recommendation of sgordon, we had a very nice brunch at Public this morning. We hadn't been back in a while and always enjoy both the neighborhood and decor there, so it seemed like a good choice for a sunny fall day.

We walked in around 11:30am but for a party of 2 there was about a 30 minute wait, although there were plenty of larger tables open. However, there were a ton of bar seats available. We decided to sit at the bright and cheery bar, and soak in the sun coming in through their beautiful skylight.

My husband had a Bloody Maria, which was good, but not amazing. I really enjoyed my not too sweet fig and vanilla bellini. The bartender was pretty good for a non-cocktailian bar, and very engaging.

We split two dishes. Turkish eggs were very good. It's two poached eggs on Greek yogurt with kirmizi biber butter, that come in a small bowl, served with two slices of thick toast on the side. I really enjoy dipping the toast into the egg and yogurt mixture. It was really good bread with a nice yeasty flavor, and excellent crumb. Big, airy, and rustic.

The other dish, I could hardly get my husband to share this equally! Black pudding waffles with red wine poached pears and whipped foie gras butter. That's right. Whipped foie gras butter. There was also some sort of red wine reduction that acted in place of maple syrup that really tied everything together. Fluffy meaty waffles that were a little sweet. The blood pudding flavor was subtle but there -- and the waffles were delicious on their own. But the foie butter was delicious, and almost too much by the end. Really wonderful dish.

We'll be back!

210 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

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  1. Wow - the waffles sound AMAZING. Seriously. Too bad we already have a res for lunch tomorrow 'cause I totally would be there ASAP. Guess it will have to be next weekend. Turkish eggs sound good too. Damn!

    1. Was at Public for brunch 2 Sundays ago, walked in at 11:15 with no wait, and perhaps, we just didn’t order the good stuff. I liked my brunch cocktail of Public Mary more than she did her Bellini. The serve-yourself Biscuits/Muffin table, at flat price of $3.50 iirc, had 3 different kinds of baked items and they were OK. For our mains, I had the Coconut Pancakes with Ricotta and she had the Tea Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs. Not great but just OK, but not enough to entice us to go running back. If I ever go back, I'll try the Black Pudding waffle.