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Oct 22, 2011 01:38 PM

Small wineries in Tasmania

We will be traveling self-drive in Tasmania for nine days. We will drive from Hobart to Freycinet National Park. I understand there are several wineries on the way. I have the names of the wineries, but need to know the best small producers for Pinot Noir, Riesling and Chardonnay. Several days later we will be spending some time in the Tamar Valley- so same question. We travel the world for wine so we want the best Tasmania has to offer.

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  1. I think in nine days you can visit every single winery in Tasmania. In two days we did the Tamar Valley - have you seen this map?
    that pretty much lists them all. I just had a dinner w all Elmslie wines and I liked the whites and the pinot a lot, we missed them when we were up there. There are some Tamar Ridge reserves that I like. Hard for me to say what you would think is the best. There is one missing from that map that we liked called Sinapius - it is close to Pipers Brook. There are big producers like Pipers Brook and Chromy and smaller ones.

    here is the map around Hobart
    I like Meadowbank and Puddleduck and Home Hill and Observatory Hill.

    Maybe I'm not the one to ask - I love all the tassie pinots! try them all. but they are more fruit driven then your reserved and sophisticated european wine. but I like an easy drinking wine. I'll ask Charles, he is the more experienced wine drinker in the family.

    1. You're going to love Tassie. Such an amazing, diverse landscape packed into a tiny package. When I was there we didn't really make a point of focusing on wine (we were doing more of the outdoor adventure stuff), but we sampled as many wines as we could along with our beautiful Tasmanian-sourced food. For us it was more about enjoying the terroir than searching out specific high-quality wines. This website might be helpful:

      If you are in Freycinet, be sure to try to find the Freycinet Marine Farm and get their magnificent oysters and mussels. (They supply Tetsuya's in Sydney.) Steam the mussels in some of the local white: magnificent.

      If you are travelling with wine visits in mind, I think Launceston will be a central destination, since that is the main winemaking region. Most of the state's wine production is concentrated in the Tamar Valley and Piper's River area in the north-central part of the state. I would single out Jansz, which makes some gorgeous sparkling wines in the champagne tradition. Sorry I can't be of more specific help. In general, it's a small and sparsely populated place, so part of the joy of Tasmania is in the freedom of discovery.

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        Oops. I should have refreshed before posting to see Debbieann's answer. She's right, too. Tasmania is small enough that you will easily be able to visit most or all of the wineries in the time you have. I think for Americans it's hard to conceive of the scale of the place. It's geographically about the size of Indiana, but with just half a million people. It is gloriously un-commercialized and feels like you've had a lucky opportunity to travel back in time before chain restaurants and fast food.

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          Whist Launceston is the main area, we found the wineries around Hobart slightly better for Pinot, but as others have said it is a small place so not tricky to try them all. Jansz and Pipers Brook are the big ones - not my -, but still worth a visit.

        2. oh and check this place out -

          the selection is amazing, they really know their wines. You could have dinner at Stillwater, stay close by and visit the pinot shop. or eat at Black Cow - some great steaks, I really like Cape Grim beef. It goes well w pinot noir!

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            Thank you all. We live near Sonoma and Napa, so whenever we can we seek out fine wine. Our trip is mainly about nature, but why not combine with wine!!

          2. Whlst in the Hobart region, do stop in at Pooley Vineyard, in Richmond. We also enjoyed a tasting at Milton in Swansea. Scenery is fantastic! We drove south from Launceston to Hobart on the east coast, then back north via Cradle Mountain. Oh, to return...