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Oct 22, 2011 01:24 PM

Where to eat in Vail (with a baby)?

We are spending a weekend in Vail and looking for casual, great food. The one catch is that we are traveling with our 2 month-old baby.

What are the best restaurants in Vail where we could comfortably bring a baby? We need recommedations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are looking for all casual places (can be at various price points).

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  1. When are you going? Now is off-season, and pretty much anyplace that is open will welcome you & the baby. I would pick up a copy of the Vail Daily and peruse the ads to find out which restaurants are operating (many have off-season "locals' specials"), and if you have questions about suitability for a baby, just call and ask. Come ski season, that's another story.

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      Thanks for the info Claire! We are in Vail now but were ambivalent to try a higher end restaurant because of the baby. It is good to know that we'll likely be welcome in the off-season and we'll take your advice and make some calls to find someplace for this evening. We wouldn't dream of bringing our baby to one of the higher end places during high season :-).

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        Someday, in the distant future, your baby won't be a baby anymore, and s/he'll be accustomed to going to restaurants because s/he will have done so all his/her life.