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Oct 22, 2011 12:27 PM

Way to serve chocolate mousse individually?

I want to do individual chocolate mousses but I don't have enough glasses and I'd prefer not to use plastic cups. I have a ring it possible to use that? Or does anyone know of another way?

P.S. I would greatly prefer not to use gelatin in the chocolate mousse.


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  1. You could make some kind of edible dish, like tuiles draped over an upturned muffin tin while hot to shape them into a bowl, or layers of filo in muffin tins, with melted butter and sugar between the sheets, baked until crisp. You could then fill the edible vessel with mousse and serve it on a dessert plate

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      Depending on the occasion I've used shot glasses, small coffee mugs or made chocolate bowls like these:

    2. Serve them in ice cream cones.

      1. Half an orange shell would work.

        1. I've used demitasse cups for this, although they are better used for pots de creme.

          1. Our thrift stores have tons of glassware at great prices, or maybe borrow some.

            A bite sized crust would work for me.

            The cones would also be a good choice for larger amounts, but use waffle cones.

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