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Oct 22, 2011 12:20 PM

Do You Have A Favorite FINGER FOOD recipe?

I find FINGER FOODS a challenge. Not being able to serve an appetizer on a plate, or anything more than a cocktail napkin, really limits the hors d'oeuvres choices. And the usual mini quiches and bacon wrapped shrimp have been done to death. Is there anything new in the world of finger foods? Has anyone had a mini morsel that is better than the old standards?

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  1. Asparaugs par-cooked then wrapped in proscuitto, dipped in flour/egg batter and fried in olive oil until crispy. Serve with honey mustard. They can't be fried ahead and they are a lot of work but one friend of mine built a reputation as a great cook on those alone.

    1. This is pretty retro, but I really like...mix shredded cheddar and mayo with bacon crumbles on white toast -- put under the broiler, it puffs up, then cut into squares. Totally simple and easy to eat, always a hit. You can also add a little horseradish to the cheese mix. And I gotta say, it's classic and retro but I love those crust-off finger sandwiches or open faced finger sandwiches. You can go crazy and add anything and they're a breeze to pass and eat and you don't need finger bowls afterward.

      1. any vegetable, blanched and puree, then briefly saute in olive oil and garlic makes a great bruschetta topping and everybody loves bruschetta. Same for beans like cannellini, borlotti or garbanzo. Cook (or use good quality canned ones) puree, infuse in garlic and olive oil, add a sprinkle of rosemary or sage and spread on toasted crunchy bread

        1. Pesto coated tortellini skewered with a rolled basil leaf, a cherry tomato, and either a bocconcini or a wedge of marinated artichoke heart. They can be made a day ahead of time and are tasty! Small crab cakes, and for our wedding, the caterer made a special reuben tea sandwich for my husband, those were the first of the tea sandwiches to go.

          1. They're hardly a new item, but everyone loves deviled eggs. I bring them to group picnics often and there are never any to bring back.