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Oct 22, 2011 11:44 AM

Gluten-free dinner in Hartford?

I'm headed to a concert at Trinity next Friday night and have Celiac. I am looking for a restaurant that accommodates a gluten-free menu that will be open for dinner in the post-9-pm time frame. We are looking in the less-than-$15-an-entree range.

I am also a vegetarian who does not eat seafood - as are three of the four people who I am going out to dinner with - though I figured that it would be easier to look for gluten-free and then figure out something vegetarian, as the others at dinner do not require a gluten-free meal, than to find a vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant....


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  1. although I don't really want to recommend it, you could try the Olive Garden. A friend was recently mentioning she went there specifically with someone who needed gluten free. Not a big vegetarian selection, but they do have a dedicated menu.