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Oct 22, 2011 11:41 AM

melbourne question

The restaurant Movida sounds very intriguing. Could someone tell me the difference among the various incarnations- and which would you recommend for dinner- love tapas

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  1. Movida is the original. It takes some bookings. Movida next door is the expansion. It normally doesn't take bookings. Both have a large bar area and small tables. They are down a grungy laneway on the edge of the CBD.

    Movida acqui is the restaurant branch. It is designed around sitting down for a meal and is much bigger. It is in the legal district in the middle of town and is essentially designed for lunching lawyers. Menus are slightly different and is almost all bookings.

    Be careful in Melbourne with the word tapas. It has come to refer to any small plate of any food of any nationality (generally at the same price you can get a larger portion anywhere else). Movida can be breathtakingly expensive.

    The best authentic tapas are at Anada (5 minute tram ride) and Bar Lourinha (city). To me they are better than Movida.

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      I agree with Mr_G you are better off at Bar L or Anada.

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        This is why I like Chowhound - one gets on-the-ground, up-to-the-minute recs from fellow Hounds :-)