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Oct 22, 2011 11:31 AM

Fresh Seafood - Burnet Farmers Market

I just got back from the Burnet Rd Farmer's Market. There is a seafood vendor there now.....he trucks fresh, never frozen, seafood in from his contacts in Kemah. I bought four pounds of cleaned blue crab - they sell blue crab in two pound bags for $8. They also have fresh snapper (filet and whole), whole flounder, and shrimp with heads and without. Oysters should come next week. There were some other items that I can't remember. Everything smelled great.

So, if you need some fresh seafood, this is the spot.

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    1. Great news! How does the pricing look for the head-on fish? :)

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      1. re: Nattomi

        Looks to be the same as any other fish market in town. I didn't look at the whole snapper to see how big it was; I think that they wanted $14 for a whole snapper and flounder. I saw the flounder - it was pretty big.

      2. Thank you for the tip rudeboy!

        Do you know if he is there on Thursdays too as well as Saturdays?

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        1. re: sweet100s

          You are welcome! I didn't specifically ask about Thursdays, but I don't think so. I think that he doesn't make his run to the coast until Friday.

        2. great find Rudeboy. Now for some flash fried head on crispy salt and pepper shrimp !!!