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Oct 22, 2011 09:40 AM

Himalayan Hut in Jackson Hgts tonite

we're taking a jaunt out to Himalayan Hut in Queens tonight, as i've never had Chinese-Indian, or Desi-Chinese, or whatever you want to call it...

what are people's choices for the best dishes here? we don't eat "red' meat (but i understand there is no pork here anyway.) we do eat seafood.

here are some dishes served here that i've seen mentioned on the web:

-- Fish Chili (supposedly a must)
-- Chili Paneer
-- Vegetable Manchurian
-- Shrimp Coriander Garlic
-- Curry Fish Ball Soup
-- Spicy Lemon Coriander Soup
-- Mushroom Datsi
-- Eggplant w/ Paneer in Garlic Suace
-- Gobi Manchurian

any suggestions for your second-best faves would be appreciated as well -- thanks much

Himalayan Hut
75-18 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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  1. Never eaten at this restaurant, but my go to order for Indo-Chinese is chili paneer (w gravy), gobi manchurian (dry), chilli chicken, chicken lillipops, lamb szechuan, and maybe some hakka noodles to ease off on the spice. Had some great stuff in Delhi recently.

    Mushroom datse sounds more Himalayan to me. Had a ton of the stuff on a recent trip to Bhutan made with chanterelles, which were in season and all over the place. Great over red rice.

    1. thanks Mr. Porkchop

      just to follow-up --

      we did eat here last Saturday, and it was fantastic! our meal:

      -- spicy lemon coriander soup
      -- curry fish ball noodle soup
      -- shrimp chili
      -- eggplant w/ paneer in garlic sauce
      -- tofu szechuan style

      the fishballs in the soup were homemade...the eggplant/paneer dish was a favorite. actually,all the dishes were excellent, and the coriander soup was a great appetizer

      we'll definitely go back

      ps -- we did have to ask for the Desi menu -- they didn't bring it at first -- odd

      Himalayan Hut
      75-18 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372