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Pie Lady and Son, Upper Nyack

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Stumbled on this place yesterday after a walk around the Rockland Lake. Went in hoping to find a cozy place to sit with coffee--disappointed on that end--instead found a bakery specializing in pies. In addition to seven or eight kinds of 7" and 13" (I think that's the size of the larger ones--I bought a smaller one, so it's entirely possible the larger ones are 12" or 14") pies, there were three kinds of cookies and two kinds of muffins.

The small apple and pear pie I got was delicious, and so flavorful and satisfying that the slices of 1/6 were plenty large enough for a serving. I also got a couple blueberry muffins after tasting a crumb at the counter. Made for a real breakfast treat, although I think I'd have preferred a bit less sugar. My companion, who is on a perpetual quest to find a great chocolate chip cookie, was blown away by how good the ones were that he bought.

This place is definitely worth a detour if you're in Rockland.

Pie Lady and Son
366 N Highland Ave, Upper Nyack, NY 10989

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  1. We found the Pie Lady and Son in exactly the same way and really liked the apple pie as well.

    Pie Lady and Son
    366 N Highland Ave, Upper Nyack, NY 10989

    1. They also have a stand at the Chappaqua Farmers Market

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        And Hastings Farmers Market