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Oct 22, 2011 08:36 AM

Gypsy picnic

10:30 and there's no parking left

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  1. Good luck, Amy. I guess I won't be going down there. I wonder if things will slow down late afternoon, or just get more crazy?

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    1. re: rudeboy

      Got lucky with the Miata. IF you can park the lines are not bad at all.

      1. re: rudeboy

        You missed out, dude. My group of 10 walked in the east gate at 11:05am and for the first hour there were literally no lines to speak of.

      2. All in all a great event, BUT:

        Portions are way too big. I want to sample as much as I can, but paying $6-7 for a giant helping is ridiculous. Most vendors offered a $2-3 "sample" size of one thing, but ALL the things on their menus should be half the size and cost $2-3. Even with sharing with my wife we were full after 2 trailers. Also, be a bit more descriptive in your menu items on the top of your trailer. I don't want to stand in a long line just because everyone has to ask you what the "Original" is.

        Beer selection was kind of weak as well, even in the craft beer section. I don't consider Shock Top a craft beer.

        Sounds like a lot of complaining, but we had a great time.

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        1. re: knightro98

          I agree. One of my top choices was Trey, but when I found out everything I wanted only came in "large" at $7, I passed on them. Pity.

          1. re: amysuehere

            Agree with you both. Fortunately, I was with a big group and we all had our own forks for sampling, and we managed to hit about half the trailers. (Otherwise, i would have been done after 3-4 trailers.)

            Next year, my plan of attack is:
            - At least 6 people in the group (8-preferably, over 10 people and you're herding cats)
            - Everyone bring there own fork,knife, and wet-naps. (To cut down on cooties)
            - Come early
            - Bring my camelbak (I stayed thristy all day)

        2. There were a ton of other events going on so it was definitely a bit of squeeze parking. I actually just parked by the mopac bridge and walked my dogs there. a bit of a walk, but I have one particularly skeptical dachshund and if you get him tired he generally will let children pet him. I'll agree the beer selection was meh. overall the food was good and you got pretty solid portions for your $2-3. This was nice as I have borderline hobo work, Me and the gf were able to get a decent amount of stuff and beer for $25 A lot of the places there I had been to before, but there was quite a bit of stuff to try. The girlfriend got a slice of spartan pizza, and she said it was really good. I'm super gay for filipino food so I hit Be More Pacific. They were out of pancit but I was drunk and hungry and snagged some bacon fried rice with a fried egg on top. I love the fried egg on top, runny egg yolk + rice etc. is awesome. it's generally how I make my fried rice. I was interested in checking out the colombian food trailer but it was pretty consistently bombed. I checked out Lee's Hurricane Party, as the name sounded awesome. I had quite a delicious morsel there, it was a roll that had been hollowed out a bit, filled with crawfish etoufee, and then the whole thing was deep fried. Wasn't exactly bursting with pieces of crawfish, but man I don't care it tasted good. it was sinful in that usual deep fried dough way, and the seafood flavors went pretty well with it. I was pretty drunk though, it might have been a little much for some people. I however could have eaten 5. I got something else, it was some sort of pulled pork banh mi herp derp sliders or something. They were fine. Really, there was a lot of pulled pork going around there. The gf started whining as she was tragically not high, so we decided to end the day off with an icecream sandwich from coolhaus. They kind of have this build your own ice cream sandwich deal. well, you pick a cookie and an ice cream flavor. They had a nifty assortment of flavors, nutella looked fun. I think I saw some salty caramel chicanery somewhere, I really wanted in on that. As we were sharing and I didn't want to get hit with a brick, I let my better half decide the flavors. This yielded a "dirty" mint chocolate chip ice cream with a chocolate cookie. The ice cream did a really good job conveying the "freshness" taste going on with mint. I think they called it "dirty" on account of the molasses. either way it was a great treat. I could have stayed there wandering around and trying little nibbles for awhile, the dogs and the gf were down for the count. Overall it was quite a nice experience, and I think it would be pretty cool if they had this more than once a year. Get a good rotation going. Just think of the awesomeness of say like
          Rosita's Al Pastor and El Taco Rico within yards of each other. POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE TACO RAINBOW.

          El Taco Rico
          810 Vargas Rd, Austin, TX 78741

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          1. Were you trying to park AT Auditorium Shores?

            We parked on S.Congress ay 10:50am and walked. There was boat-loads of parking on SoCo still.

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            1. re: Lucky_Skunk

              We skunked the last spot in that parking lot behind the mound and fountain across the street...shhweeeet....