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Oct 22, 2011 06:57 AM

50 of the world's best breakfast

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  1. Lovely to look at, if not .... uh ... completely accurate. (Words like "always" and "every" are the clue.) But it still made me hungry and, worse, made me want to travel even more.

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    1. re: lemons

      This is listed further down in the thread but should be upfront. It seems this person lifted most of this from another site.without crediting it

      50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts

      This is dated Aug 28, 2011. The link in the OP is dated Oct 11, 2011

      The link from August credits the photos and you can link to back stories and the blogger contacted each photographer to let them know of the use of the photos

      I intended to post on the October link and call that person a plagerer and thief ... and on a site called "Design You Trust". I wouldn't trust that business on bit. However, they'd probably delete it. Instead I intend to notify whoever hosts that site and let them know about this. Will also contact the August site to let them know about this.Anything else that can be done? Any agency to contact?

      In addition to finding the original site, huiray did some excellent sluething about the background to some of the photos which weren't even shot in the countries they propose to represent

    2. Very cool. My challenge is to give tomorrow's duck hash more eye appeal. It gets crispy skin and a sunny side up on top, maybe a few mandarin orange segments and cherries?

      1. The Bahamas breakfast at the very end looked like something I'd be all over..
        Jumbo prawns over grits..sweet..

        1. The first responder here in this thread (lemons) I think is perhaps a little too kind regarding the accuracy of the article.

          One ought to read the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th comments in that article - and the responses* to those comments. Really, please do.

          My eyebrows were falling off when I viewed the selections and the ridiculous or nonsensical accompanying blurb and/or claims for the b'fast featured for India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and to a slightly (but just slightly) lesser extent Vietnam, Philippines, Japan...essentially all the Asian countries. One might argue that the author just intended to show pretty pictures - but in that case, the ones for those countries look ugly, to me anyway, and not at all pretty.

          Even the "American" breakfast is a somewhat 'specific' breakfast, IMO.

          Also, mostly (by far) Western Hemisphere countries - not surprising, I suppose. Ugg, all that bread, bread, and more bread...and variations thereof.

          Even the Wikipedia article on breakfasts is far more representative and more accurate of breakfasts in countries and regions around the world. I think folks should look at the Wiki article at the least before they jump to the wrong conclusions about what awaits you for breakfast in those - and other - countries.

          * although noodles in soup is a common b'fast (but of course certainly not the only one) in various places in the Far East.

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          1. re: huiray

            Trying to be tactful. That's the second time in the last decade I've managed it.

            1. re: huiray

              Well, even if it is stolen from another site, I think this is interesting in the discussions it generated about breakfasts around the world.

              As a Polish-American, let me assure you salad never touches a breakfast plate. I mean, seriously ... lettuce during those cold, cold, Polish winters? And Romaine lettuce at that.

              As an American-American ... muesli ... seriously? Never heard of it until two years ago. I guess they meant oatmeal or other cold cereal. These days it could just as well be a pastry from Starbucks or fast food sandwich. But I guess they mean great breakfast in each country ... still .. then some sort of hash brown or fried potato would need to be included.

              Also, are you Alaskans really eating reindeer with you eggs daily?

              Speaking of unknown food, there were lots of foods I learned about that I never saw mentioned before
              - Halim (supposedly Iran ... add supposedly to the rest of this list)
              - Baghir (Morocco)
              - Oladi (Russia ... seriously ... Russia is Poland's "neighbor". Never heard of it)
              - Pogácsa (Hungary ... well, MAYBE I recall a mention)
              - Waakye (Ghana)
              - Katogo (Uganda)
              - Mangu (Dominican Republic)

              1. re: rworange

                "As a Polish-American, let me assure you salad never touches a breakfast plate."

                As a Polish American, how often do you have pierogies for breakdast? I don't think it's a common breakfast in Canada either.

            2. The depiction of the Danish breakfast is much closer to German breakfast than the one depicted as German.

              Bread & sausage? That's just sad.

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              1. re: linguafood

                The Danish picture is actually pretty accurate for what they serve for brunch here, but not an everyday breakfast. Then again, there aren't many of the pictures that look like they'd be everyday fare.

                1. re: Transplant_DK

                  It would also be accurate in depicting a fairly everyday German breakfast. Soft-boiled egg, cheese, maybe muesli or yogurt. Definitely not just dark bread and stupid sausages. Feh.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    Not to defend the photo but they did also have cheese. Having spent some time in Germany I too felt the urge to fill in the blanks but you beat me to it with exactly the same food items. I always thought the soft cooked eggs were a nice touch.

                2. re: linguafood

                  Regarding the German breakfast - and where is the Nutella, or at least some nice Marmelade or a soft-boiled Egg and a fresh roll....I agree, the Danish stuff comes somewhat closer.