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Oct 22, 2011 05:03 AM

A New Oyster Restaurant, At Least New To Me

First let me say, l really love Huitrerie Regis. The location is perfect, the seating and the owner are perfect and the oysters are lovely. The only little issue l have is that at 24-34 euros/dozen for a variety of # 2's , l do not get to go too often. Walking with a leading Parisian Chowhound a few weeks ago, we came upon Huitres de Cancale on Rue Chabrol in the 10 Arrondisement, fittingly near Poissonniere Metro.
A shop sized even smaller than Huitrerie Regis, seating only 16 patrons on a small uninteresting street. The owner, waiter, shucker, cashier, and general bon vivant takes your order, shucks at will and serves your oysters with a basket of coarse bread, butter, and a lemon wedge. They were wonderful, cost 16 euros and at that price l will be there twice a week as long as they are open.
l have been there twice now and to watch this man do everything but sweep the floor is Chaplinesque and very charming. Hope to see some 'hounds there. One other reason to go onto Rue Chabrol is the wine shop Vigne en Ville, who is a vintner for various vignerons who are friends in the Loire and other smaller appelations. Prices are very, very reasonable and taste his wares before you buy to your delight. They only have about 35-40 different wines, but more than enough for me. If you get 6-12 or so they deliver also.

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  1. Oh, Huitres de Cancale sounds like it's just perfect for us! (well, not as perfect as free oysters in Bercy, but a close second, lol). Will maybe have to drag our grandson there in May (he can eat bread and butter, lol).
    (BTW, DCM, just had the cheese/butter spread last night that we bought at the Marche in Bercy on your recommendation ~ why, oh why did you not make us buy more than 2 little jars? Now I have to figure out how to get back the one I gave my daughter!)

    1. Thank you for reporting back. We usually stay near Huitrerie Regis but in the seven trips we have made we have never seen it open. Probably just timing.

      1. perfect. that and baron rouge on sunday. we'll be there the first two weeks of december.


        1. "Walking with a leading Parisian Chowhound a few weeks ago"

          Correction: DCM was walking with a decidedly non-leading Parisian Chowhound.
          And Vieilleanglaise has actually recommended the Pleine Mer joint before, but we all missed it because everyone except RandyB misses rue de Chabrol, and RandyB had eyes only for le Furet Tanrade.

          If fellow hounds want to "do" rue de Chabrol, don't miss the marché St Quentin either, and its coucou de Rennes, and its excellent young boulanger.

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          1. re: Parigi

            "And Vieilleanglaise has actually recommended the Pleine Mer joint before." though he read the OP and felt aggrieved for having his thunder stolen, this bi-valve didn't want to blow his own trumpet and thanks Parigi for doing so.

            Pleine Mer is very good as are Vignes en Ville.

            I thought they had closed, but I saw Tanrade, once of same street, at the Salon du Chocolat.

          2. Sounds great...i am a huge fan of Regis too, but will surely this place next time i'm in town...