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Is there anyway to tell when an egg has 2 yolks?

Y'know, other than cracking it open?

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  1. Are you seeking to find more of them or to avoid them?

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      Sort of messes up baking proportions.

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        I estimate that I have had one egg every third day of my life, so 7178 eggs, and I have not yet seen a 2-yolk egg. Are you bracing for the improbable, or reading The Chernoble Times?

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          Are you saying I should stop cooking with uranium rods?

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            no, stick with the uranium rods - nothing to turn on or off they just ARE.

            if you want to avoid dbl yolk then avoid farmers eggs, brown ones etc. they look a bit larger and a little mis-shaped. I think of it as lagniappe, but can toss one a curve ball when on a schedule.

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            And I got a dozen at the local farmer's market a while ago that had 3 eggs with 3 yolks, and 1 egg with 2 yolks. I don't think they were particularly large. And all the eggs I've bought since have been the usual sort.

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            Crack an egg into a cup then add to your mixing bowl.

            I buy eggs at a local egg ranch and see double yolks more often in Spring and Autumn and only occasionally those seasons in between (none at all this summer).

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              The double yolks are generally smaller, so I don't worry about messing up baking proportions, figure if it is more yolk its only a few grams.

          4. Hold it up to your monitor in front of Google. Or shine a light through it in a dark room. Or, you know, crack it open.


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            1. THere's a restaurant in Chicago, Lou Michells, that has a reputation for serving double yolk eggs. So presumably there's a way of identifying them, perhaps by shining a light through the egg. I've never encountered one, so maybe egg producers are separating them out, and selling them to people who want them.

              1. Often at a farmers market you can find people selling ;double yolkers', because they know a thing or two.

                for a start the size of the egg is surprisingly larger then a single yolker, or even a quite large egg.

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                  I have found doubles in jumbo eggs a few times, and in extra large occasionally, I have never found one in a large egg. Since baking recipes call for large eggs, you should be fine.

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                    When I was in CA, I shopped at Trader Joe's and purchased the Jumbos. I had double yolks all the time. They were BIG eggs!!!

                2. I once got a double-yolked egg in a carton from the farmer's market. The egg had a slight "waist" (indentation). Not sure if that's a clue or simply due to random chance. It was remarkably delicious, but so were the rest in the carton!